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Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and the NHCLC Names Bianca Juarez-Olthoff as Newest Member of Executive Leadership Team

Juarez-Olthoff to Serve as Spokesperson, Advocate for Hispanic Evangelical Women’s Network for National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) are pleased to announce Bianca Juarez-Olthoff as the newest member of its executive leadership team. Based in Orange County, California, Juarez-Olthoff will serve as spokesperson for the NHCLC, as well as spearhead the development of a Hispanic evangelical women’s network.
“We are tremendously excited by all that Bianca brings to the table on behalf of the NHCLC,” says Rev. Rodriguez. “She possesses a wealth of experience in the areas of church and community building, mentorship, Bible teaching, and beyond that, her faith and positivity are contagious. We are honored to have her speak on behalf of the NHCLC and to follow her passion and gifting to build what we truly believe will become, one of the most robust and vibrant women’s networks in the world.”

Bianca Juarez-Olthoff is also the founder of In The Name of Love, a non-profit organization “dedicated to the transformation of lives through the saving power of Jesus Christ” by providing biblically-based resources; mentoring; social justice initiatives that empower people to care for and provide for others; and by creating meaningful and spiritual experiences by organizing events to serve the community.

“As a first generation Latina American, it is my privilege and honor to partner with the NHCLC and the next generation of Hispanic leaders,” says Juarez-Olthoff. “There are few organizations that have a pulse on culture, justice, and race-relations, so being a part of this team is a dream come true. My hope is to awaken a generation to the cause of Jesus Christ, to carry the heart of the Father, and live a Spirit-filled life as we fight for justice.”
MEDIA: To download a headshot of Bianca Juarez-Olthoff, click here.
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He has been named by CNN and Fox News as “the leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement” and TIME Magazine nominated him among the 100 most influential leaders in America.
Bianca Juarez Olthoff is a bible-teaching, word-slanging MexiRican who is passionate about raising up a generation of people passionate about Jesus Christ. As an author and speaker, she knows the power of words and wields them wisely. As a church planter and leader, she is committed to proclaiming the gospel domestically and internationally. For more information, follow her on Twitter.
The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is recognized and identified by Time Magazine, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, CNN, and a number of additional media outlets, publications, and periodicals as America’s largest and most influential Hispanic/Latino Christian organization with 40,118 certified member churches in the United States and chapters in Latin America.
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Pastor Samuel Rodriguez responds to First Baptist Shooting

“Here we are again broken-hearted by evil and – this time – in a sanctuary for the Prince of Peace. We pray, we cry and we plead with God for mercy on our land. We thank Him for the first responders and we trust Him to comfort those whose pain is unbearable. May our nation pray.” -Reverend Samuel Rodriguez #PrayforSutherlandSprings

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“We Are Celebrating the Bible Coming to Life”: Hispanic Leaders Tour Museum of the Bible

Washington – The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference got a sneak peak of the Museum of the Bible during their trip to the nation’s capital this week.

“We are celebrating the Bible coming to life,” said Tony Suarez, NHCLC Executive Vice President. “We’ve preached about it and we’ve talked about.”

The new Museum of the Bible is a 430,000 square foot facility just three blocks from Capitol Hill. It’s on track to open mid-November. Christians leaders from across the country walked the halls of biblical history to meet, pray and strengthen their faith.

“I hope this stirs up a passion for the word of God where we get back into the book, back to studying the book and having a love for the Bible and having a love for the word of God,” said Suarez.

“This is going to be a base for faith in the Bible,” said Luis Avila, Pentecostal Holiness Church in Oklahoma City.

CBN’s Ben Kennedy asked Avila if prayer is needed now more than ever.

“Absolutely, I believe so,” said Avila.

The NHCLC plans to visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with lawmakers about Israel, Puerto Rico and Dreamers — young people whose parents brought them here illegally.

“Asking them again to pass some sort of permanent legislation to help Dreamers and they do it before Christmas,” said Suarez. “That would be the best Christmas gift.”



via CBN News

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An Open Letter to Organizations with a Presence in Puerto Rico: #NoNosVamos

Our president recently tweeted that the federal forces helping Puerto Rico “can’t stay forever.” Given how early we are in this tragedy, the scale of the devastation, and the continued suffering of our fellow Americans, this is no time for equivocation.

We at the College Board have been operating in Puerto Rico for more than 50 years, and today we take a simple pledge: We Are Not Leaving: #NoNosVamos.

As a nonprofit that has 76 employees in Puerto Rico, we declare today that the College Board will stand with our Puerto Rican colleagues and member colleges and schools throughout the rebuilding process and into the future. We will invest more, not less, in Puerto Rico in the years to come to support students and ensure a hurricane cannot block their future, for which they have worked so hard. The College Board has played a central role in Puerto Rico and Latin America’s educational life for more than 50 years, and those deep roots remain unshaken and unshakeable. We are here for the long haul.

And we must all speak out against false statements that the Puerto Ricans are not working hard enough to help themselves. Not so. Days after the storm, our colleagues in Puerto Rico assembled themselves to rebuild our offices. They neglected their homes to make a space to work. Our colleagues in Puerto Rico were driven to make sure they didn’t leave students throughout Latin America in the lurch. We made sure everyone knew they would have paid leave to take care of themselves and their families, and our colleagues chose to work.

The leader of our Puerto Rico office, José “Pepe” Carreras, named the force driving his colleagues to action: “They realize that education post-Hurricane Maria will be one of the building blocks we will need to focus on right away to give students purpose and begin building for the future.”

All of us at the College Board stand in awe and witness to the courage and resourcefulness of our team in Puerto Rico. Moved by the force of their spirit, we call on other nonprofits and businesses to share our pledge to stand by Puerto Rico throughout the rebuilding process. For those of you with staff in Puerto Rico, please share your stories of colleagues working hard to reclaim their future.

Please join us in our pledge: We Are Not Leaving: #NoNosVamos.

In gratitude,

David Coleman

Carta Abierta a las Organizaciones con Presencia en Puerto Rico: #NoNosVamos

Hace poco, nuestro presidente tuiteó un mensaje indicando que las fuerzas federales que se encuentran ayudando a Puerto Rico “no podrán quedarse para siempre”. Teniendo en cuenta el poco tiempo que ha pasado desde que tuvo lugar esta tragedia, la magnitud de la devastación y el sufrimiento incesante de nuestros compatriotas, este no es el momento para equivocaciones.

Nosotros, en el College Board, hemos estado operando en Puerto Rico por más de 50 años y hoy asumimos este simple compromiso: #NoNosVamos.

Como una organización sin fines de lucro con 76 miembros de su personal en Puerto Rico, declaramos hoy que el College Board se mantendrá firme junto a nuestros colegas al igual que los colegios y universidades miembros de Puerto Rico a lo largo del periodo de reconstrucción y en el futuro. Invertiremos más, no menos, en Puerto Rico los próximos años para apoyar a los estudiantes y asegurarnos de que un huracán no pueda bloquear el futuro por el cual han trabajado tan duro para conseguir. Por más de 50 años, el College Board ha desempeñado una función fundamental en la vida educativa de Puerto Rico y América Latina y esas raíces profundas permanecen intactas e inquebrantables. Estamos comprometidos a esta labor a largo plazo.

Y debemos denunciar las declaraciones falsas de que los puertorriqueños no están trabajando lo suficiente para ayudarse a sí mismos. Sabemos que este no es el caso. Días después de la tormenta, nuestros colegas en Puerto Rico se juntaron para reconstruir nuestras oficinas. Pusieron los deberes de sus hogares hacia al lado para facilitar un espacio de trabajo. Nuestros colegas en Puerto Rico actuaron de su propia voluntad para asegurarse de que ningún estudiante en toda América Latina se quede plantado. Estuvimos seguros de que todos nuestros colegas supieran que tendrían tiempo libre pagado disponible para ocuparse de sí mismos y de sus familias, aun así decidieron volver a trabajar.

El líder de nuestra oficina en Puerto Rico, José “Pepe” Carreras, describió la fuerza que impulso a sus colegas a actuar de esta manera: “Ellos comprenden que el sistema de educación posterior al huracán María será una pieza fundamental que requerirá atención inmediata para poder darle a nuestros estudiantes un sentido de propósito y comenzar a construir un mejor futuro”.

Todos nosotros en el College Board estamos maravillados y somos testigos de la valentía y asombrosa recursividad de nuestro equipo en Puerto Rico. Conmovidos por la fuerza de su espíritu, hacemos un llamado a otras organizaciones sin fines de lucro y empresariales a que compartan nuestro compromiso por Puerto Rico durante a lo largo del periodo de reconstrucción. Para aquellos que tienen personal en Puerto Rico, les pido que compartan las historias de sus colegas que están trabajando intensamente para levantar su isla.

Les invito a que se unan a nuestro compromiso: #NoNosVamos

Muy agradecido,

David Coleman

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Exclusive: Evangelicals urge more action from Trump against alt-right

A group of prominent evangelical Christians is calling on President Donald Trump to take further steps to condemn white supremacists — specifically those in the alt-right — following the August white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead.

letter that has been circulating privately among a coalition of pastors notes Trump’s efforts to denounce the white supremacists, but urges the President to go further in condemning the alt-right “by name.”
“This movement has escaped your disapproval,” the letter, obtained exclusively by CNN, reads. “We believe it is important for this movement to be addressed, for at its core it is a white identity movement and the majority of its members are white nationalists or white supremacists. This movement gained public prominence during your candidacy for President of the United States. Supporters of the movement have claimed that you share their vision for our country. These same supporters have sought to use the political and cultural concerns of people of goodwill for their prejudiced political agendas. It concerned many of us when three people associated with the alt-right movement were given jobs in the White House.”
Initial signers of the letter include Southern Baptist Convention President Rev. Steve Gaines, former SBC President Rev. Fred Luter and the Rev. T.D. Jakes, a mentor of Trump’s top spiritual adviser, Rev. Paula White. One member of Trump’s informal Evangelical Advisory Board, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, also signed the letter.
The White House did not immediately return a request for comment.
Trump was widely criticized for his response to the white nationalist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month after he claimed that “both sides” were to blame for violence and said there were “some very fine people” among the white nationalist protesters.
“I’ve condemned neo-Nazis. I’ve condemned many different groups. But not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me,” Trump said during a press conference after the demonstrations. “You also had some very fine people on both sides.”
Trump signed a congressional resolution Sept. 14 that condemned the violence and renounced “white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other hate groups.”
“No matter the color of our skin or our ethnic heritage, we all live under the same laws, we all salute the same great flag, and we are all made by the same almighty God,” Trump said.
But the signers of the letter are calling on Trump to take further steps to address the issue.
“Our country desperately needs unifying leadership again,” their letter reads. “We need you, President Trump, to lead us in such an effort. America needs your voice and your convictions to defeat racist ideologies and movements in every form that they present themselves. America is profoundly fractured and divided. We are praying, and call upon God’s people to humble themselves and pray that you would take the bold and moral step to denounce the alt-right.”
The effort, a collaborative project drafted by Southern Baptists Rev. Dwight McKissic and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Dean Keith S. Whitfield, comes after the Southern Baptist Convention — the nation’s largest protestant denomination — grappled with its own decision to condemn the alt-right earlier this year.
At the denomination’s annual meeting in June, Southern Baptists initially rejected an effort to condemn the alt-right, sparking an outcry among pastors who went on to force a vote on a resolution that condemned “every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy.” The resolution ultimately passed.
via CNN
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Commentary: Five tips to help Texas parents become “learning heroes”

I love the diverse people, food and languages across the Lone Star State, especially our “south of the border” sounds and flavors. Latino culture is part of my heritage, and I am proud to serve the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference as Executive Director of the Faith & Education Coalition. I love working with parents, pastors and leaders across the nation who care deeply about students and high-quality education.

In many Hispanic communities across Texas, pastors and church members provide vital education connections for families. From immigrants and Spanish-speaking parents to first-generation college students, these “learning heroes” help local families bridge the language and cultural divides related to education. They invest in students because they believe every child is created in God’s image and deserves the chance to meet his or her potential.

One way these church leaders help families chart a course for school success is by encouraging them to build a strong parent-teacher partnership. This can be intimidating for adults who never completed their own education, those who were educated in other countries, or those who are not fluent in English. But we can encourage all parents to make the most of this “back to school” season with a few simple tips.

Parents can be “learning heroes” for their children by starting the school year with these five tips:

1. Start strong.

Find out how prepared your child is for his or her new grade. Be sure to review the annual state test results from last year.  Consider using the TAG approach (Teacher feedback + Assessments + Grades) to determine how your student is progressing and what areas may need additional support. If you haven’t received your child’s STAAR test results yet, visit www.TexasAssessment.com to view your child’s assessment results from last school year – as well as many other parent resources. Much of this information is also available in Spanish.

2. Partner up.

At your first teacher meeting, bring your child’s state test results and ask what they mean for this year. Find out what’s expected of your child and what you can do at home to help. You can prepare for the first teacher meeting with tips at BeALearningHero.org

3. Make it fun!

You are the expert on your child and can help make learning cool! Read together on topics that interest your child. Find math in everyday life – turn it into a game. Small learning moments add up!


4. Celebrate hard work.

Focus on the effort and what your child is learning. Celebrating hard work and progress, rather than perfection, will help your child feel less nervous about new tasks or subjects.


5. Encourage life skills along the way.

Strengths such as being able to communicate, problem-solve and demonstrate patience will help your child in school and life. Talk openly with your child about how he or she is feeling and reacting to situations at school, on the playground and at home.

Parents and teachers and church leaders can partner to help students reach high standards, expecting and bringing out the best in each child. Good tests help us gauge if students are on track for the next grade level and, eventually, for the rigor of college or career. And accessing test results and other progress data, in both English and Spanish, empowers parents to become full partners in their child’s education. We can honor our cultural diversity as we unite parents behind a common goal – excellent education opportunities for all our Texas students.

via Baptist Standard

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Churches Essential to Relief Efforts in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Says NHCLC, Convoy of Hope

Churches are an essential part of the recovery process for Puerto Rico and Mexico, say representatives from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Convoy of Hope regarding reconstruction efforts in the two countries following this month’s earthquakes and Hurricane Maria.

On a teleconference held Wednesday afternoon, NHCLC President, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, spoke about the launch of a charity effort called “Puerto Rico and Mexico Rise Up,” which seeks to equip churches to help communities in Mexico and Puerto Rico recover from the recent natural disasters.

“This is our campaign on behalf of our churches, on behalf of our chapters and our networks, both here in the States and outside of the States for that matter,” Rodriguez said.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Rodriguez explained that the newly launched campaign was working through churches because they are an important channel for relief.

“If we can equip the churches, then these churches can restore the communities. These churches know the communities more than we know the communities,” said Rodriguez.

“We believe these are the institutions ordained by God to bring Good News to the poor and to quench the thirsty and feed the hungry.”

Convoy of Hope spokesperson Jeff Nene, who was also on the call to describe some of his group’s experiences on the ground in Puerto Rico, agreed about the essential value of local congregations in helping relief efforts.

“We have found that the local church is the best source for volunteers. They can marshal a team together on a moment’s notice,” said Nene to CP.

“And what that allows us to do is come in with a very small team from Convoy of Hope, like in Puerto Rico right now we have four people, and in Mexico we have two that are arriving today, and they’re there to give guidance and direction and organization. But the local church does the work.”

Rodriguez’s and Nene’s comments came as part of a teleconference call in which they provided updates on the relief efforts in Mexico City and Puerto Rico.

On Sept. 19, Mexico City experienced a severe earthquake that has thus far resulted in hundreds of deaths and caused dozens of buildings to collapse.

“Nearly 4,000 buildings were damaged by the quake, and residents of high-rises wonder if their buildings may fall before they can make their way downstairs,” The New York Times reported on Monday.

“And over the weekend, the trauma of last Tuesday was brought to the surface again as light tremors from an earthquake in southern Mexico on Saturday lightly rocked the capital, sending residents fleeing into the streets barefoot and in sleepwear.”

Around the same time as the Mexico earthquake, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico, resulting in widespread destruction and power outages.

“About 97 percent of the island’s 3.4 million residents are still in the dark Wednesday,” CNN reported on Wednesday. “About half of the residents do not have running water.”

Nene told those on the call about the things that Convoy of Hope was doing in Puerto Rico, having just returned from the island, where a team arrived on Monday.

“They already started on pulling together warehousing. They’ve already purchased 20,000 pounds of rice, have another 20,000 pounds coming. Tomorrow we have a C-130 full of supplies that’s going to be landing and also another private plane with supplies and people,” explained Nene.

“And then on top of that, three containers that will be leaving via ship this week to head down there will be there in just a couple of weeks. So we’ve got a great head start in Puerto Rico already.”

In addition to Rodriguez and Nene, other participants on the call included New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, Latin contemporary Christian music artist and author Christine D’Clario, NHCLC Executive Vice President of Governmental Affairs the Rev. Tony Suarez, and Bishop Angel Marcial of Church of God for Southeast Region U.S.

When asked by CP about any cooperation with the Trump administration, Rodriguez responded that he had gotten “very significant reports” from the White House about the number of federal first responders and FEMA workers on the ground.

“I’m grateful for the Trump administration as it pertains to helping the island recover. They have had some logistical issues. That’s how horrific this has been — that our federal government has had issues even in distribution and other areas,” Rodriguez added.

“I have received very good cooperation from this administration in addressing the concerns and needs. And they likewise stand committed to working with the faith community in Puerto Rico for rebuilding Puerto Rico.”

via The Christian Post

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4,000 Churches Devastated in Puerto Rico and Mexico: How Your Church Can Help

Hurricane Maria damaged or destroyed approximately 3,000 churches in Puerto Rico and earthquakes did the same for another 1,000 in Mexico. That’s the latest from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) which oversees 40,000 affiliate churches in the U.S. and connects with other Latino churches around the world.

Rev. Tony Suarez, NHCLC executive vice president, says it’s a huge loss for thousands of congregations, amidst all the struggles on the U.S. island right now.

“I think about those pastors who have given their all to lift up and plant a church and now buildings are gone,” Suarez told CBN News on Facebook Live.

Still, Suarez said churches in Puerto Rico and Mexico are serving as focal points for their communities in the midst of devastation.

Most people on Puerto Rico have no electricity and the majority of them are struggling to find clean drinking water and food.

“The church is that beacon of light,” said Suarez. “Puerto Rican people are coming to their pastors and coming to their churches once they can find each other and asking ‘how can we come together?'”

The NHCLC is asking churches on the U.S. mainland to consider adopting a church in Puerto Rico in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath, or in Mexico as it rebuilds after two earthquakes in September. It’s part of a strategic plan to move aspirations from simple survival mode to a more visionary goal.

NHCLC President Samuel Rodriguez calls it Puerto Rico 2.0.

“This disaster should and could actually catalyze the rebirth of Puerto Rico in the long run,” he wrote in a recent op-ed piece.

Rodriguez is calling for a Marshall Plan mentality, similar to how the U.S. approached Europe after the destruction of World War II.

He’s suggesting that wind, solar and other green energy technologies replace Puerto Rico’s broken power grid. Rebuilding on the island can improve employment prospects and Puerto Rico could seek to unite politically after a decade of division on the statehood question says Rodriguez.

The Puerto Rican church, supported by U.S. mainland churches, could take a leadership role in rebuilding the country. Suarez said the island’s 3.4 million people have encouraged the growth of thousands of churches in recent years including Assemblies of God, Iglesias de Dios and Baptist churches.

Suarez visited Puerto Rico right before Hurricane Irma struck earlier in September. He described the church as strong and vital to life on the island.

“It’s a place full of a lot of faith, a lot of energy spiritually-speaking,” he said. “So the church is the hope.”


via CBN News

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Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Issues Statement Praising Release of Los Angeles’ Pastor Noe Carias

“And yet, while we are grateful, we should never have gone through such a heart wrenching process in the first place. We should be deporting pushers, not pastors. Noe’s story is a powerful reminder of just how desperate our nation is for comprehensive immigration reform.”
—Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, issues the following statement praising the release from detention of Noe Carias, a Los Angeles area Assemblies of God Pastor who had been detained for deportation in July of this year:
“I am overjoyed by the news of Pastor Noe Carias’ release, after over two months of detention by immigration authorities. Most importantly, I am grateful that this man of God will be reunited with his loving wife, Victoria and his two young children.
“From the beginning, the NHCLC stated we would not rest until Pastor Carias was released. Working behind the scenes with the White House, local and state officials as well as both Republican and Democratic members of Congress, we saw a powerful effect of the growing influence of our Hispanic community in action. Through our incredible member churches, friends, partners, co-laborers and prayer warriors, we were privileged to help mobilize a large coalition of Hispanic leaders, calling out, in a unified voice on Noe’s behalf. We are all giving thanks that these efforts were not in vain and that our request was heard loud and clear. We did all of this with the firm belief that access leads to conversations, which leads to conviction, which leads to compassion.”

“And yet, while we are grateful, we should never have gone through such a heart wrenching process in the first place. We should be deporting pushers, not pastors. Noe’s story is a powerful reminder of just how desperate our nation is for comprehensive immigration reform.”
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He has been named by CNN and Fox News as “the leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement” and TIME Magazine nominated him among the 100 most influential leaders in America.
The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is recognized and identified by Time Magazine, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, CNN, and a number of additional media outlets, publications, and periodicals as America’s largest and most influential Hispanic/Latino Christian organization with 40,118 certified member churches in the United States and chapters in Latin America.
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National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Appoints Juan Rivera As New Executive Director of Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition

Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC) also names Bishop Robert Stearns as Chairman
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Juan Rivera, a well-known pastor from Youngstown OH, as the executive director of the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC). HILC is the pro-Israel arm of the NHCLC, The Hispanic Evangelical Association and CONELA.
“Rev. Rivera’s commitment to Israel is extraordinary. He is well respected within the Christian and Jewish communities both throughout Ohio and nationally,” said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the NHCLC. “Israel is not a side-issue for the NHCLC. It is foundational. We believe that Rev. Rivera is the perfect leader for this pivotal role in this moment of our growth and expansion.”
“I offer my sincere congratulations to Rev. Rivera on his appointment”, said Bonnie Deutsch Burdman, director of community relations and government affairs for the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation. “We in the Jewish community throughout Ohio have great trust in Rev. Rivera’s leadership capacity.”
Previously, Rev. Rivera served as the Ohio Chapter Director of NHCLC and as an Advisory Board Member HILC.
“I’m incredibly excited and grateful to Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and the NHCLC for entrusting me with this important position,” says Rev. Rivera. “My goal, and that of the entire NHCLC, is to continue growing HILC into the largest Hispanic pro-Israel organization in the U.S. and Latin America. Our focus will be on educating our people about Israel through conferences, workshops and trips to Israel. We will also be actively forging new, and strengthening existing partnerships with Jewish people and Jewish organizations locally, nationally and internationally.  Finally, we will work to expand our role as advocates for strong US-Israel relations as well as influencing Latin American governments to adopt strong pro-Israel policies and relations.”
Additionally, Bishop Robert Stearns, Founder and President of Eagles’ Wings and senior leader at the historic Tabernacle Church in Buffalo, NY, has been appointed as Chairman of HILC.
“Though Bishop Stearns is not Hispanic, he has traveled extensively in ministry throughout Latin America for the past 20 years, has led worship in Spanish, and 5 of his books have been translated into Spanish and distributed widely through the Latino evangelical community,” added Rev. Rodriguez.  “He understands Latino Evangelical culture, and he understands Israel. We believe his experience and wisdom will be of great resource to us as we endeavor to grow HILC as the pro-Israel arm and voice of the more than 100 million Hispanic Evangelicals assembled in over 40,118 U.S. churches and over 450,000 churches spread throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora.”
“Every generation has to confront anti-semitism in whatever shape it presents itself to that generation. We will build a fire-wall against all forms of anti-semitism to ensure that ‘Never Again’ truly means never again,” added Rev. Rivera.
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He has been named by CNN and Fox News as “the leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement” and TIME Magazine nominated him among the 100 most influential leaders in America.
Rev. Juan Rivera is lead pastor of New Life Church a growing, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, vibrant church located in Poland Ohio a suburb of Youngstown.  In addition to his position as Executive Director of HILC, Pastor Rivera serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor of the State of Ohio by serving on the Ohio Commission of Hispanic/Latino Affairs.
The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is recognized and identified by Time Magazine, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, CNN, and a number of additional media outlets, publications, and periodicals as America’s largest and most influential Hispanic/Latino Christian organization with 40,118 certified member churches in the United States and chapters in Latin America.
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