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Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies Could Threaten Religious Liberty

Donald Trump won the presidential election thanks, in large part, to the votes of evangelical Christians.

In addition to the vast majority of white evangelicals, more Latino evangelicalsvoted for Mr. Trump than many pre-election observers expected. While many evangelicals of all ethnicities had significant reservations—including, particularly, his harsh immigration rhetoric and proposals—most concluded that he was at least a marginally preferable option on two key issues: abortion and religious liberty. On these issues, Hillary Clinton seemed unable even to acknowledge evangelicals’ concerns.

Many evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump in hopes that he will halt the erosion of religious liberty, both in the policies he pursues directly and via the justices he nominates to the Supreme Court. But religious liberty is not just about matters of conscience or how one worships. It also involves whether one has freedom to obey his religion’s commands, especially when it comes…[READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE: http://time.com/4643398/donald-trump-evangelicals-immigration/ ]