Faith & Education Coalition


As America’s largest Hispanic Christian Organization, we stand committed to serving, unifying and representing the 12-16 million strong Hispanic Evangelical/ Born Again community via our 40,118 member churches by advancing our 7 directives of Life, Family, Great Commission, Education, Justice, Stewardship and Youth.

Accordingly, our desire is to engage this community as the proverbial firewall of righteousness and justice. In order to achieve the aforementioned objective and advance the cause of Christ in America, we must address the educational disparity in our community.

According to a joint study conducted by the NHCLC and Barna, at least 25% of Hispanic American children never graduate from high school. In certain communities, the number reaches close to 50%. In addition, because Hispanic American children will represent the majority of school students in next 20 years, we must provide the framework for an educational movement that will equip our community with the necessary skills to articulate the gospel, defeat biblical illiteracy and shine the light of Christ.

NHCLC Raising the Standards from NHCLC on Vimeo.

For that matter, our desire is to initiate Project “Fe”. FE in Spanish means faith. Yet our application as an acronym represents Faith and Education. Via FE, the NHCLC will launch a pro Christian, pro family, pro education movement in the Hispanic community that will accomplish the following metrics:

  • Engage Pastors and parents in prophetic activism by making educational success a priority in the community
  • Empower our children with the necessary acumen to attend the best colleges and universities
  • Enable a firewall against poverty and multi generational government dependency via the emergence of a community committed to vertical and horizontal mobility.
  • Equip Hispanic American Christians with the educational tools necessary to advance the Lamb’s agenda.

Correspondingly, we will achieve the aforementioned objectives via the following deliverables under the FE Project:

  1.  Launch the “National Hispanic Evangelical Adopt a School ” initiative: Equip, engage and empower our churches for each to adopt a school in the community with the purpose of providing a dual accountability apparatus for children that attend both the church and corresponding local school. Pastor and Principal will make a commitment that corresponding children will graduate from high school and pursue higher education. This initiative includes partnering with schools to provide after school tutoring and a mentoring components for single parented children.
  2. Sponsor FE SUNDAY.-The first Sunday of September, our 40,118 churches will preach and teach on the importance of education and a biblically literate community. We will provide sermon outlines, visual aides and resources.
  3. Host a National Summit on Hispanics, Christ and Education. Addressing the educational crisis via the bible believing Christ following church.
  4. Formalize and provide capacity, personnel and a messaging platform for the Alliance for Hispanic Christian Education.
  5. Champion the cause of raising the curriculum standards for all of God’s children. We find it to be reprehensible for children in more affluent regions of our states to engage a “high quality” curriculum while other children, particularly students of color, receive a sub standard education. We desire high standards for all; without exception.

Launch the Faith and Education Coalition.

The NHCLC will form and lead a coalition for the betterment of the American public education system. Our efforts would be uniquely Christian as we approach our advocacy and action from the perspective of Biblical justice and educational equality.

Parenthetically, Evangelicals have never before aligned in support of public education equity and quality. There is powerful potential for this organization to influence public opinion and local action. Media interest will be significant and will grow as a variety of national-recognized voices join the coalition.

This coalition will not be a short-term initiative but rather a long-term commitment to giving each generation access to consistently high quality educational opportunity in the United States. We believe literate students who are able to think critically and solve problems will become the backbone of not only a strong democratic society but also of a biblically-literate and justice-minded Church.

Purposes of a Faith & Education Coalition:
• Demonstrate that Evangelicals are deeply committed to shaping quality American public education for all children

• Offer a fresh point of view in public dialogue on public education, educational standards, and educational equity

• Create challenges for prayer and/or action by individuals and churches regarding legislation and other education issues

• Create resources that support churches and Evangelical organizations in taking action on educational equity

• Offer the opportunity to connect Evangelical college and university professors and college-age students to this discussion and to bring their voices into public discussion

•Protect parental rights and religious liberty in the public educational arena

Values of the Faith & Education Coalition:
As Evangelical Christian leaders, we call for bipartisan support of quality public education that:

• Respects the God-given dignity and value of every child

• Protects the right of parents to lead and guide their children’s education

• Guarantees high educational standards and equitable education opportunities for all American children, including implementation of raising the standards including pro-family, pro-local oversight Common Core State Standards as proposed by Governors Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush

• Encourages Biblical literacy for all American children

• Respects the local and state’s rights to determine educational standards, methods and curriculum choices

• Ensures fairness to taxpayers
We urge our nation’s leaders to work together with the American people to implement education policies that support high standards and educational equity.

Accordingly, let us be clear. We do not support;

*Increased federal oversight or control of local or state curricula. We believe education begins in the home with the parents as primary shareholders a long with the children.

*Curriculum components that require students and parents to sacrifice faith or conscience.

*Curricula antagonistic to our Christian faith.

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