Donald Trump Ratings Among Evangelical Leaders Double After His Pro-Life Supreme Court Shortlist
May 24, 2017
May 24, 2017

Donald Trump’s ratings among evangelical leaders has shot up since he released his shortlist for Supreme Court justice, which is largely pro-life.

A small poll of evangelical leaders suggested that only 22 per cent would back the Republican candidate after he secured the nomination in May but 48 per cent said they would consider him if he were to nominate a pro-life Supreme Court justice.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to Professor Greg Snyder, ‘does not deserve the support of Christians, not simply for reasons of lifestyle, but because his values are fundamentally opposed to Christian commitments.’

Since he released his list of suggestions for the role, the survey suggests his support among evangelical leaders has risen to 44 per cent.

Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference who has declined to endorse Trump, said the conservative Supreme Court list was his best move yet to win the evangelical leaders’ hearts.

“It makes a ginormous difference,” said Rodriguez. “If Donald Trump wins, he would have to look back and credit that day for mobilizing evangelicals. That’s what changed the tide in many evangelical hearts.”

But the survey only covers a small number of evangelical leaders in a monthly survey by WORLD. Out of a usual sample size of 103, only 73 responded to the latest questionnaire.

The poll also suggests that Trump’s support among evangelical leaders is shaky. Out of those who said they would back him, 74 per cent said they could easily change their mind. But out of those who said they would not support him, almost 84 per cent said there was no chance they would switch.

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