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February News

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Convoy of Hope Responds in Flint, Michigan

On January 13, the Governor of Michigan declared a state of emergency and requested help from the federal government to provide clean water in Flint, after studies showed their water source was contaminated.

Our Disaster Services team responded immediately by partnering with local churches in the area to distribute water to affected residents.

“Nobody knows the areas of greatest need better than the local churches,” says Stacy Lamb, U.S. response director. “Within a very short period of time, we were able to start sending truckloads of clean water for them to distribute.”

To date, Convoy has sent nine truckloads of water to partner churches in Flint. The response will continue, as needed, based on the capacity and distribution rate of the local churches.

“Our team is focused on bringing hope in the midst of crises,” adds Lamb. “Because of our faithful partners, we have been able to do that.”

Ukranian Refugees Receive Help from COHEU

Recently, for the first time in program history, Convoy of Hope (COHEU) hosted an outreach event in Siberia.

COHEU was granted entrance into Siberia — giving them the opportunity to reach out to Ukrainian refugees living in the area. “Access to the country has been nearly impossible for years,” says Michael McNamee, president of COHEU. “Hosting an event in Siberia is truly a miracle.”

COHEU distributed food, water and supplies to Ukranian refugees in Siberia and also delivered supplies to the orphans and elderly in the community who suffer from low standards of living.