Sanctuary churches’ vow to shield immigrants from Trump crackdown
May 16, 2017
Pure Flix, NHCLC Transform Hispanic Roles in Hollywood With Ambitious Film Industry Project
May 16, 2017

Here’s what we discovered.

Three days after the election of Donald Trump, Skye Jethani tweeted “#FarewellEvangelicalism” and published an open letter explaining his dissatisfaction with the term. The author and pastor predicts the label will soon fall out of use: “When our successors write a history of these times, I suspect the modern American evangelical movement will rest neatly within the lifespan of Billy Graham.” Other Christian leaders—including Russell Moore, Shane Claiborne, Katelyn Beaty, John Fea, and Preston Yancey—have expressed similar frustration with the term or abandoned it during the 2016 election season.

Others have held fast to the evangelical label, despite reservations. Mark…[Entire article can be read here:

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