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When I was a student at Asbury College, we had a guest speaker. He was funny, wise and intriguing.

After the event, I waited until everyone had left and approached the speaker and asked if I could “spend some time” with him. He warmly agreed.

We spent 45 minutes together as he shared lessons from his colorful life. It was a blessed experience.

Colonel Harlan Sanders was an American success story. He had blown through numerous jobs and failed at all of them.

He eventually secured a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky from the Shell Oil Company with free rent in exchange for a percentage of sales. To supplement his income, he added food. He had been experimenting with a special cooking process for chicken and soon became locally famous for his product.

He added a restaurant and expanded into motels, but the restaurant burned down and the motels failed.

He contacted dozens of restaurants to sell his chicken until one in South Salt Lake City, Utah agreed to try his recipe. In one year, their sales tripled with 75% of the increase coming from the chicken. The owner was so excited he leased billboards to advertise the chicken. He hired a sign maker who named the product, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But on the brink of success, his business again failed. Desperate, Sanders decided to go on a national tour of restaurants to sell his recipe and cooking process. He was 69 years old and often slept in his car.

Eventually Sanders patented his recipe and formed a company, Kentucky Fried Chicken. It exploded in popularity, quickly grew to 600 restaurants, and was one of the first restaurant chain companies to successfully expand internationally.

The man I spent time with that evening had experienced a powerful spiritual awakening and was now a follower of Christ. I still remember his final words to me before he left, “Young man, stubbornly follow your dreams and never quit. I’m proof that dreams can come true!”

What has God called you to do? Follow His dream and NEVER give up.

The Bible says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” NKJV

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