SAVE Act perpetuates, rather than reforms, our immigration policy
June 3, 2017
National Initiative to Certify Tier 1 Hispanic Leaders Announced
June 3, 2017

(Washington D.C) Dr. Cindy Jacobs, one of America’s most prominent Evangelical leaders and President and Founder of Generals International, cannot stand idly by while a renewed racist and nativist spirit once again saturates American society under the vestiges of immigration debate.” Racism is a Sin”, declared Jacobs. “Congress has been attempting to reach an agreement on an Immigration Reform Bill for some time. This remains a deeply divisive issue both between and within the Democratic and Republican parties. Stories of racism at the border are terribly common, from people being rudely searched by our immigration officers, to pastors who feel overrun by people who have out-stripped their social services”, she added. In addition, Jacobs believes the Christian community must stand as a firewall against the racist sentiment once again prevalent in the current discourse. “After visiting with some top Hispanic leaders and listening to their concern, the consensus is that this issue will never be settled through natural means. Only God knows what needs to be done for much needed reform. Together, we are going to appeal to the Creator of the universe to adjudicate a just solution to this grievous problem”, pleaded Jacobs. As a result, Christian leaders from all major ethnic communities have issued convocation under the banner; BLEND, Christians Against Racism to take place on May 4th and 5th in Laredo, Texas at the facilities of Mercy Church, a Hispanic Mega Church. Dr. Jesse Miranda, Global Chairman of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, America’s largest Hispanic Christian Organization, sees the event as prophetic and pivotal to changing the language of the debate. “For too long the extremist have hijacked the issue of immigration and made it a rallying cry for nativism and racism. We do have a legitimate immigration situation that requires our attention. However the debate must convert to a dialogue and reason must trump rhetoric”, explained Miranda. “Racism is ultimately, a spiritual problem and it is only right the church become involved in seeking reconciliation”, he added. Dr. Jacobs will be joined by prominent Evangelical leaders such as Bishop Harry Jackson, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Rev. Mark Gonzalez, Dr. Alemu Beefetu, Herman Matir, Will Ford III and others. Jacobs recent book the Reformation Manifesto serves as a primer for 21st Century Christianity and societal transformation addressing similar issues.

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