Clinton, Trump tailor messages to evangelical Christian Hispanics
May 25, 2017
How Samuel Rodriguez’s Prophetic Voice Challenges Our Nation
May 25, 2017

Hillary Clinton on Friday shined a spotlight on Donald Trump’s immigration plan while speaking to a group of Hispanic Christians.

During the two-minute video shown at Friday night’s National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Clinton emphasized her faith by quoting the New Testament.

She repeated her call for immigration reform while slamming Trump and his rhetoric.

“We are hearing some divisive and dangerous rhetoric in this election. We have a candidate who wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, who calls Mexicans rapists, who talks about banning Muslims from entering the country,” she said.

“That is not who we are as a people.”

Clinton’s appeared to have been professionally produced, and she spoke in front of a wall-sized map of the world.

It was a contrast to Trump’s video shown at the conference, which was shot on a cell phone aboard his plane, with Trump reading from typed notes on a single piece of printed paper in his hand.

Trump made brief note of his immigration plan in his video, saying that “people are going to come in to our country but they’re going to come in through a process. They’ll come in legally.”

He also vowed to curb minority unemployment and stop illegal drug cartels.

Clinton stands far ahead with Hispanics in most polls. A poll from Fox News Latino released Friday showed Clinton with a 39-point lead over Trump among Hispanics.

But Clinton’s favorables among Hispanics fall far short of President Obama’s, giving Hispanic conservatives some hope.

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