Compassion Does Afghan Refugee Giving Campaign


NHCLC partners with Convoy of Hope to help refugees fleeing Afghanistan crisis

The NHCLC has partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide the NHCLC community an opportunity to help tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the crisis in Afghanistan.

Convoy of Hope reports:

“Thousands of people are currently being evacuated on flights, and millions more continue to reside in a nation which is now governed by the Taliban.

“At this time, the situation is sensitive. Communication regarding this response will be limited. However, please know Convoy is responding to the fullest extent possible.

“Convoy of Hope is sending truckloads of resources to locations around the U.S. where refugees are arriving as a result of this crisis. Additionally, Convoy will be working with international partners near Afghanistan and throughout Europe to strategically serve people fleeing the country.”

Click HERE to partner with Convoy of Hope and provide relief to thousands of Afghan refugees.