IRS, Obamacare ‘Unprecedented’ Threat to Liberty
May 30, 2017
Samuel Rodriguez: Religious Freedom Is an Endangered Species
May 30, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faith leaders and some public officials are warning of growing threats to religious liberty. Speakers at the 2013 National Religious Freedom Conference in Washington cited government edicts they said require believers and faith groups to violate their beliefs. They also criticized efforts to confine religious practice to worship apart from daily life. The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who heads the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, warned that unless current trends are reversed, believers who try to live out their faith in public will face “persecution or prosecution.” A black church leader, the Rev. Eugene Rivers, said he sees “a growing intolerance” and “anti-religious bias” in America. Panels at the all-day conference also highlighted threats to religious rights at the state level and religious persecution abroad. READ MORE:…

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