Hispanic Growing Pains
June 1, 2017
HHS Mandate: An Attack On All People of Faith
June 1, 2017

Grassroots Organization to Target Religious Hispanics in Effort to Repeal HHS Mandate

Washington, DC……Conscience Cause, a grassroots organization comprised of leaders of various faiths dedicated to preserving the right of conscience, today announced the launch of a Spanish language website.  The move is intended to allow the millions of religious members of the Hispanic community in the US to join the effort to repeal the HHS mandate. “Millions of Hispanics in the United States who are devout Catholics or Evangelicals are concerned about the assault on our religious freedom,” said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a Conscience Cause board member and President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.  “This mandate sets a dangerous precedent for people of all faiths who object to government regulations dictating that religious institutions businesses, organizations and religious pay for services that violate their faith.” “Faith is critical to our community and it’s inconceivable that our nation’s leaders have launched an assault on our most cherished right to exercise that faith,” added Rodriguez.  “This new site will give Spanish speaking Americans a great tool to become active on this important issue and have their powerful voice heard in Washington.” The new Conscience Cause site – http://consciencecause.com/firmar – will allow visitors to become educated about the issue and join their fellow Americans of faith in signing a petition urging Congress to repeal this dangerous mandate.

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