Libros del Pastor Sam

From Survive to Thrive

Do you want to change the world? Then you must live a holy, healed, healthy, happy, humble, hungry, honoring life.
There are seven words that guide every decision, every sermon, and every statement Rev. Rodriguez makes. If you allow these keys to guide you, you will experience the greatest outcomes, the greatest open doors, and the greatest blessings.
Every person leaves a legacy of success or failure based on the values that guide them. The foundation for your destiny needs to become personal. If the success of a business or ministry can be directly connected to the kinds of values that business or ministry espouses, it must be true that values can have a direct impact on personal success as well.
From Survive to Thrive, Rodriguez shares seven words that serve as guiding beacons for life, marriage, ministry, relationships, management, and beyond. Get ready to live a HOLY, HEALED, HEALTHY, HAPPY, HUMBLE, HUNGRY, HONORING LIFE so that you can change the world! If you embody these values, you won’t have to always seek God’s blessing, because the favor of God will be attracted to you.
This book will instill in you seven biblical principles that keep you rooted on the path to your destiny.

Persevere with Power

God’s Mantle of Anointing and Power Is Waiting for You!
Inspired by the faithfulness and courage of the great biblical prophets Elijah and Elisha, bestselling author Samuel Rodriguez explores the power of persevering with hope amid the dark times in which we live. If painful circumstances or losses have left you weary and discouraged, then grab hold of God’s promises and get ready to complete your assignment!

Standing on the truth of God’s Word, Pastor Sam helps you to
· remain faithful to God and experience His power and provision
· discover God’s guidance for the time and season you are in
· learn how the plow of perseverance always leads to a mantle of promotion
· get your family back, your spiritual hunger back, your dream back

No matter what you are experiencing, do not doubt for one second that God is at work in your life. Hell cannot stop the prophetic anointing that God has placed on you. Determine to persevere–and expect a harvest of outpouring from the limitless and living God!

Shake Free

Some days you feel as if you take one step forward only to fall back two—or ten— steps. You struggle and push through one obstacle after another. You know God is present, but when is he going to rescue you from all the storms, shipwrecks, and snakes surrounding you? The apostle Paul faced a great crisis such as this on his epic voyage to Rome, which ended with a disastrous shipwreck—yet every person aboard was saved by grasping broken pieces of wood.

In Shake Free, Samuel Rodriguez issues a powerful call for you to shake off your problems. He writes, “When the storm breaks in your life, you will be driven by: 
• the past or the future
• the pathetic or the prophetic
• problems or promises
• nightmares or dreams
• the flesh or the Spirit
• Google searches or godly churches
• the drama of the storm or God’s destiny for your life.”

Rather than merely surviving circumstances, you can discover how to navigate through life’s challenges to truer wholeness and bigger victories from God.

You Are Next

Most people never seize their moment because they are paralyzed by their own thinking.This book will teach you to let go of your excuses and never miss your moment again.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to hear the voice of Jesus asking, “Do you want to get well?” And it’s time to answer Him with your obedience. Your destiny, future, and family are not controlled by “if only”; they rest in the hands of the One who loves you, saves you, redeems you, and heals you. Let go of your excuses, move beyond your conditional living, and break your cycle of dependency. It’s time to stand!
Have you convinced yourself the abundant life Jesus came to bring is out of reach? Have you developed an “if only” mentality, waiting for something or someone to turn things around? While you become more and more dependent on your excuses, you watch others get what you want to have, go where you want to go, and experience what you long to feel. It seems it’s never your turn to experience the joy that comes from attaining all God has for you.

Be Light

Our world unravels more each day. It feels as if we’re drowning in a sea churning with greed, violence, and lust. As darkness advances, hope dims.
Yet within that reality, God gives us a profound mandate… 
Be Light.

Light has always defined God and his followers. At creation, God spoke light into existence. Jesus is the light of the world. And we are born to absorb and then reflect God’s light.

In Be Light Samuel Rodriguez–described by Fox News and CNN as “America’s most influential Latino Evangelical leader”–provides a blueprint for confronting darkness in every realm of our lives. He issues a clarion call for individual believers and the church to rise up and once again be that bright city on a hill, which doesn’t simply expose the invading darkness, but overcomes it with God’s blazing light.

The Lamb’s Agenda

Is There a Divine Cure for Our Ailing Nation?

In The Lamb’s Agenda Samuel Rodriguez offers a blueprint for Christian rejuvenation, a prophetic call to orient our lives at the nexus of the cross.

Joining the Christianity of Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham, The Lamb’s Agenda reveals the crucial connection between biblical social justice and spiritual righteousness. Getting back to the basics of Christianity means extending our efforts simultaneously in the vertical direction of God and the horizontal direction of our neighbors.

In this critical moment, begrudging service and empty religiosity must be replaced by the vibrancy of the Lamb’s agenda, Christ’s plan of redemption in the world. A Third Great Awakening, says Rodriguez, awaits Christians who boldly and joyfully embrace both planks of the Savior’s cross: obedience to God and service to others.

When Faith Catches Fire

Embracing the Spiritual Passion of the Latino Reformation.


The Rock before the Sword

The Rock before the Sword is a book about how to put Jesus Christ, The Rock, before your own sword. The Author, Salomon Paredes, emphasizes with two biblical stories and bases this biblical principal on the Rock Jesus Christ.

It is not the size of the book, but the size of the author’s heart, who in a few practical and current word says:

Most people think that a preacher gives a message to make them feel good. That is the wrong idea. The job of the preacher is to bring a word that agrees with the truth of God in such a way that it provides an atmosphere in which the Holy Ghost can work within the heart of the audience.

There is no such thing as a written message from God that is not directed to the heart. Maybe your eyes were spiritually closed, and you did not see, or perhaps you were in tune with the message because of a direct application to what you are going through in life, and you needed to be changed through that word.

That is why this book is not a novel, but a sermon to change your life just like mine was changed. I challenge you as you read to let the Holy Ghost speak to you


Perhaps one of the great hindrances to the next great awakening is that many believers are consumed by the spiritual-sounding concept of «waiting on God to move.» This waiting entails fervent prayer, organized events, and much discussion. While prayer is desperately needed and events may be catalysts for God’s work, could it be that we are waiting for something that God has already released?

The Holy Spirit has already been poured out, but what are we doing with His presence?

Evangelist and revivalist Tony Suarez believes that wherever a Spirit-filled believer goes, a move of God should break out. Why? Because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Revival, is within you. This is walking in your revival identity!

As you understand and apply this teaching, you will…

  • Shift atmospheres through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you.
  • Take authority over the powers of darkness in a person or a place.
  • Saturate your home, workplace, or school with the presence of God.
  • Enter into your revival identity where you become the move of God you’ve been waiting and praying for.

It’s time to be the move of God that you have been praying for. Revival is here! It’s time to step into the move of God!

The Triumphant Church

The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.
Some Christians are intensely critical and even fearful of what the twenty-first-century church is becoming—citing its lack of holiness, compassion, biblical literacy, relevance to the world, and more. But when has the church not faced tribulation?
In The Triumphant Church, Tony Suárez invites you to journey with him as he examines the birth and growth of Jesus’ glorious church—full of flaws and imperfect people, yet beautifully and wonderfully made. Using the stories from Acts, Tony encourages you to:

– invest in the church instead of leaving it.
– prioritize unity amidst threats of division.
– trust God to fulfill his promises when facing doubt and fear.
– expect the best from God when you hear the worst from the world.
– rise up and make disciples.

We are trusted by God to carry out His mission of sharing the gospel to all nations. The noise in the news that says the church is in decline is simply not true. The body of Christ continues to grow and show that what God promises, He fulfills.

Defeating the Spirit of Hyena

Satan has saved his best artillery for the last days because he understands how crucial this hour is. The spirit of hyena is pestering the Spirit-filled church today and mocks the holy things of God. Hyenas are thieves and steal what does not
belong to them.

If you want to win a fight, you have to understand your enemy. In this book, Tony will reveal

  • the nature of the spirit of hyena and the culture that supports it
  • what Jesus did when He couldn’t find anyone else to fight
  • how to respond if you’ve been attacked by this spirit of mockery and thievery

The hyenas are whimpering in defeat because the Lion has roared! The church of the living God—through the authority of the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit—is positioned to cause this spirit to flee!