Who’s praying at Trump’s inauguration? A mix of supporters, critics and firsts
May 17, 2017
Donald Trump Held a Very Godly Inauguration
May 17, 2017

Exactly 24 hours before Donald Trump takes the oath of office on Friday, dozens of conservative evangelical pastors led a prayer service—beneath a fresco of a black Jesus and black angels at Washington’s Greater New Hope Baptist Church—to celebrate his election.

The event was a who’s who of Trump’s evangelical supporters and advisors, including most members of Trump’s executive evangelical advisory board. More than three hundred guests, nearly all white, filled the pews, cheering and praying together for nearly two hours. A separate celebration of the group’s relationship with Israel followed, and two members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, joined, Sharren Haskel and Yehuda Glick. Sponsors included Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council and the Jefferson Gathering, a group that leads weekly prayer and church services inside the U.S. Capitol building.

So many evangelical leaders spoke it is difficult to list them all. Event organizer Jim Garlow, who leads Skyline Church in San Diego, told the group he hoped Trump’s win might usher in a new Jesus movement unseen since the 1970s. “If anyone would stand up and take credit for what happened, God would have reason to take them out—this was done by God,” he said, adding…[ENTIRE ARTICLE CAN BE READ HERE: http://time.com/4640436/evangelical-leaders-donald-trump-inauguration/ ]

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