Rev. Rodriguez to Deliver Benediction at The Republican National Convention
June 1, 2017
Religious Leaders Petition Gov. Brewer to Rescind Order in Phoenix
June 1, 2017


Ted Houston – Arizona News

Faith leaders from the Tucson area on Thursday delivered an online petition containing around 7,000 signatures to Governor Jan Brewer’s office asking her to retract last week’s executive order denying driver’s licenses, state-issued photo IDs, and other benefits to young adults who may be granted federal work permits under the Obama administration’s deferred-deportation program. Rev. Eve Nuñez of Love International and Pastor Yvette Lopez of New Life Church of God – the two largest Hispanic Christian churches in Arizona – say they are conservative Christians, but that Brewer’s executive order steps over the line. “We don’t like the harsh language coming from our governor,” Nuñez said, calling Brewer’s declaration “harsh and shortsighted” and “mean-spirited.” According to Nuñez, Arizona’s immigration-enforcement law, Senate Bill 1070, was a huge blow from the state against Latinos, and Brewer’s recent executive order highlights the view of many people that Arizona is not welcoming to Hispanics. PHOTO: Pastor Yvette Lopez (left) and Rev. Eve Nuñez talk to reporters at Gov. Brewer’s office. PHOTO: Rev. Nuñez talks with gubernatorial press secretary Matt Benson, who accepted their petitions and promised to pass them along to the governor. READ MORE: CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO VIEW RELATED VIDEOS:

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