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May 16, 2017
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May 16, 2017

The women’s Zionist organization Hadassah has announced an alliance with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) and its subsidiary, the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC), in order to mobilize Hispanic evangelical Christians in support of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s (HMO) humanitarian efforts in Israel.

The partnership will formally launch with an “Israel Solidarity Day” celebration Dec. 4, where there NHCLC and HILC will invite their pastors, churches and congregations nationwide to participate in a day of special offering in support of Hadassah’s Emergency Preparedness Center at its Jerusalem-based hospital.

NHCLC calls itself the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, which was noted by Hadassah National President Ellen Hershkin in her comments on the new partnership.

“[NHCLC and HILC’s] support and engagement will play a vital role in HMO’s ability to continue to provide world-class medical care to the people of Israel and beyond. Together, we will continue to save lives and build ‘bridges to peace,’” said Hershkin.

Pastor Mario Bramnick, president of HILC, said the “sanctity and security” of Israel is a priority for Hispanic evangelical Christians.

“We are honored to support Hadassah’s mission in caring for the country and its people. This partnership enables us to fulfill our founding mission to engage, empower and equip the Latino born-again evangelical community in full support of Israel and the Jewish community around the world,” he said.

Hadassah’s two Jerusalem hospitals—at Mount Scopus and Ein Kerem—have been on the forefront of developing world-class medical services in Israel, including providing the Jewish state with its first nursing, medical and dental schools as well as the country’s first cancer care center, burn unit and neo-natal care center.

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