Hispanic Evangelicals and the Manhattan Declaration
June 2, 2017
My Take: Christians Should Keep The Dream Act Alive
June 2, 2017


WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 / Hispanic Christian News/ — America’s largest Hispanic Christian Organization, The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), The Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, called today for passage of the pending Dream Act legislation and warned legislators that further alienation of the Hispanic electorate is at stake. Conference President, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, issued the following statement: “The Dream Act, because of its commitment to education and personal responsibility via the conduit of academic enrichment and military service, represents the most pro family, traditional,  pro military, self reliant piece of legislation in years.  Republicans should rise as the staunchest supporters of a public policy proposal that incorporates many threads from the Conservative credo.   After all, the Act presents the most significant antidote to an increased presence of welfare dependent minority families since the successful passage of Welfare Reform legislation in the 1990’s. Corresponding legislation successfully transformed welfare and ended the cycle of generational government dependency through the collaborative effort of the Gingrich Revolution and President Bill Clinton.  Today, Republicans can work with President Obama in facilitating educational and service opportunities that will insure socio economic vitality in ethnic communities for generations to come.; unless, of course,  political expediency trumps principled leadership. For that matter, opposition to the Dream Act must be interpreted as both politically naïve and morally irreconcilable with any pro family agenda. By supporting the Dream Act, Republicans stand poised to reconnect with an electorate that continues to distance itself from a party that is perceived to be anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant. Republicans have an opportunity to demonstrate that they truly embrace the ideas of Lincoln and Reagan and not the polarizing rhetoric of Tancredo and JD Hayworth. Morally, the Judeo Christian narrative that Republicans continuously reference should compel legislators to support the Dream Act. For it would be difficult to justify punishing innocent children for the transgressions of their parents. Christ himself admonished us to permit the little ones, the children, to come to him for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.  Without a doubt, Christ stood committed to the care and protection of the most vulnerable, especially children. To continue to punish these children is nothing less than anti-Christian, anti-Hispanic and anti-American. Republicans and Conservatives who do not support the Dream Act will find it difficult to advocate for family values. Opposition to this critical piece of legislation will continue to serve as fodder for those that believe the Republican Party’s definition of family values exists for those outside the purview of ethnic America and not applicable within the corridors of our inner cities. For at the end of the day, 2000 years ago a little boy was born in a manger because there was no room at the inn. In 2010, the question arises, is there room at the inn for immigrant children? In the Spirit of Christmas and with an eye on the boy in the manger, let us pass the Dream Act. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals unifying, serving and representing the Hispanic Born Again Community via 30,454 member churches and 16 million constituents by reconciling the vertical and horizontal of the Christian Message through the 7 Directives of Life, Family, Great Commission, Stewardship, Justice, Education and Youth.

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