Pentecostal Preacher Fights for Justice
June 2, 2017
Faithful Divided on ‘Thou Shalt’
June 3, 2017

Fellowship • Networking • Honest Sharing • Confidential Conversations • How can I lead my ministry to the next level? • What are the best practices for managing a growing staff? • How are we developing the next new generation of leaders for our church? • What practices in my church are working well to reach new people for Christ? • What are the best ways to develop generosity in today’s economic climate? • What are the biggest challenges I am facing in my church right now? (No political agenda or preaching, just closed-door discussion and peer connecting. We will also offer a free handout from our recent study of megachurches that highlights ideas and trends from across in America.) Churches that minister to Hispanic-heritage people are one of the fastest growing segments in this country. Never has there been a greater need to develop friendships and to network together in Christ – sharing vision, ideas, resources and advice. Pastors have more in common by attendance and growth than by any other factor. Leading pastors usually find peer-group settings highly beneficial to discuss common concerns. Leadership Network began 26 years ago by inviting senior pastors of the largest churches in America to a similar gathering. Pastors talked with each other on a peer-to-peer basis, expanded their vision as they heard what God was doing among others, and departed with many new friendships – and saying that this was their best meeting of the year. We’ve been involved in “quiet” networking like this ever since for leaders of America’s largest and fastest growing churches. Please click the following link for more information:

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