COLUMN: Politics and GOP redemption
June 1, 2017
Hispanics Cheer Gingrich’s Comments on Immigration
June 1, 2017


CNB News

Young Latinos are beginning to shift their attendance from the traditional Catholic churches they were raised in to varying evangelical and Pentecostal congregations, according to a recent Pew Research study. The trend was first noticed in 2009 after a religious polling group found a decrease in the number of Hispanic Catholics and an increase in the number of Hispanics claiming to be born-again Christians. In a recent report, National Public Radio attributed this evolution of where and how Latinos worship to second and third generation Hispanics wanting a change of venue. And the growing movement could have a significant impact on the makeup and mission of churches in America. “Hispanics will transform American evangelicalism in the 21st century,” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez , president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told CBN News.

“There are some in the non-Latino church that are swaying away from biblical truth,” he continued. “And Hispanics evangelicals are very committed to biblical orthodoxy, biblical truth.” CBN News spoke with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez more about the church migration taking place among young Latinos and how this transition benefits the evangelical community. He also says because of the immigration debate, “We may be deporting the very salvation of American Christianity.” READ MORE:…

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