Immigration Reform: Hispanic Values, Voters And The Agenda of The Lamb
May 31, 2017
National Hispanic Breast Cancer Awareness Day Makes History in the Latino Community Across America
May 31, 2017

Historic Partnership Between Focus on The Family and the NHCLC Carries the Potential to Transform America’s Spiritual and Cultural Landscape Personal Introduction from Rev. Samuel Rodriguez “From Genesis to Revelation, God’s kingdom functions upon a foundational principle that serves as the catalytic force behind effective ministry: collaboration. Accordingly, our 40,118 certified member churches today stand in covenant relationship with an organization that stands committed to strengthening the family with tested biblical principles-Focus on the Family. This historic partnership between FOTF and NHCLC carries the potential to transform America’s spiritual and cultural landscape as together we work to strengthen families, enrich marriages, elevate biblical truth, amplify a pro-life ethos and advance the Lamb’s agenda. In practical terms, this translates into a wealth of family-strengthening resources from Focus. The ministry offers a toll-free Family Help Line (1-800-A-FAMILY) and hosts a robust counseling department for those facing crises, both with Spanish-speaking staff.   Focus also maintains an extensive website ( packed with useful information, along with a host of related websites. Over the next several months, watch your inbox for additional emails from Focus that will share more helpful content with you. This partnership would not exist if not for the leadership of Jim Daly, the CEO and President of Focus on the Family. He embodies the aforementioned objectives via his personal life narrative, compassionate outreach and leadership style. Son of an alcoholic father and a mother who died from cancer when Jim was nine years of age, his personal journey serves as powerful reminder of the redemptive, restorative and protective grace of Jesus Christ. Moreover, as we advance the Lamb’s agenda and seek to reconcile righteousness with justice, sanctification with service, truth with love, conviction with civility, the image of God with the habits of Christ, there exists no doubt in my mind that Jim Daly lives and leads from the nexus of the cross where the vertical and horizontal planes intersect. I am honored to introduce Jim and Focus to our constituents. He is not just a friend of our community, Jim is a brother and advocate of “la familia.” He stands with us as together we lift our hands high and stretch our hands across. He stands with us as together we will see a Christian Bible-believing community that will reconcile Billy Graham’s message with Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr.’s march.” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez President National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Hispanic Evangelical Association   ABOUT NCHLC The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the nation’s largest Christian Hispanic organization, is the Hispanic Evangelical Association unifying, serving and representing millions in the Hispanic Born Again Community via 40,118 member churches by reconciling the vertical and horizontal of the Christian message through the 7 Directives of Life, Family, Great Commission, Stewardship, Justice, Education and Youth.




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