NBC/Telemundo Profiles Rev. Samuel Rodriguez as Leader of Latino Evangelical Movement
May 30, 2017
Mark Burnett, Roma Downey Promo ‘Bible’ Mini to Faithful
May 30, 2017

When Jonathan Velasquez attends church with his parents, he wears headphones to hear the sermon translated from Spanish to English. It is one of several steps that Centro Cristiano Internacional in Germantown, one of the largest evangelical Hispanic churches in the Washington region, has taken to keep younger members from leaving the church. “I feel like Spanish church has more energy,” said Velasquez, 16, who goes to church with his parents and brother. “The translator puts energy to the words the pastor is preaching. The people who sing, they jump around a lot. They run around the stage. It’s way more fun.” For years, non-Hispanic churches in the Washington area have been adding Spanish­language ministries in response to a growing number of newly arrived Hispanic immigrants. Now, in recent years, as the immigrant population has matured, churches such as Centro Cristiano have begun incorporating more English into their services. Many are also discarding conservative traditions brought from Latin America governing dress, gender roles and behavior. READ MORE:  http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-01-30/local/36646179_1_hispanic-…

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