Hadassah Announces Partnership With Pro-Israel Hispanic Evangelical Christian Group
May 16, 2017
Christians Respond to Fidel Castro’s Death: ‘Repressive Regime Lives On’
May 16, 2017

The Hispanic vote played a decisive role in the presidential election, just not in the way most people expected.

At first, every major network assumed that the Democrats’ “blue wall,” reinforced by a surging Hispanic electorate, would prove too much for the Trump/Pence ticket to overcome. After all, there were 4 million more Hispanic voters in 2016 than there were in 2012.

Early exit poll data suggested only 19 percent of Hispanics were voting for Trump. But as the night went on, the pollsters and the media were stunned by just how wrong they were.

Among Hispanic voters, Trump outperformed Romney’s 2012 campaign by 2 percentage points nationwide. So how did President-elect Trump manage to do this after his now infamous comments made about Mexican immigrants?

The truth is that Trump’s comments were…[READ ENTIRE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE: http://religionnews.com/2016/11/22/how-hispanics-helped-put-trump-in-the-white-house/

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