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May 30, 2017
The Dream and the Lamb’s Agenda
May 30, 2017


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SACRAMENTO, Calif.–The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, The Hispanic Evangelical Association, held it’s annual board convention in Miami, Florida to a record-breaking gathering of America’s leading Hispanic evangelical leaders. National representatives of the 52 largest denominations, 22 chapter directors, University Presidents, scholars, megachurch pastors, and parachurch CEOs all gathered for the purpose of outlining the priorities for the 40,118 church member organization. Dr. Carlos Campo, President, Regent University, said, “The NHCLC Board meeting was a remarkable time of collaborative learning with some of America’s most influential Hispanic leaders. In addition, we were able to solidify our ongoing commitment to founding principles and values that reflect the Lamb’s Agenda.” The NHCLC Board convention affirmed the NHCLC’s 7 Directives, through presentations and dialogue–dissecting and responding to many critical issues relative to the 21st century Hispanic Evangelical community, including the Barna Group/ABS/NHCLC study on Hispanic Faith in America and a significant NEXT GEN initiative and panel discussion. Campo continued, “We stand at the crossroads of change in America, and Christian higher Education must play a key role in recruiting, retaining and graduating the most diverse group of next generation Christian leaders our nation has ever known. With an intentional focus on Christ as the source of all truth, and a commitment to challenge our culture’s slide into moral relativism, we can forge a standard of excellence that will inspire tomorrow’s students.” Additionally, the Imago Dei Initiative was launched at the annual convention in response to the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference’s foundation, which was established to uphold the principles of righteousness (vertical) and justice (horizontal), of the Imago Dei and Missio Dei concepts. The NHCLC ( Board of Directors serve the nation’s largest Christian Hispanic organization by representing, serving, and unifying the Hispanic evangelical community and representing millions in the Hispanic Born Again Community via 40,118 member churches by reconciling the vertical and horizontal of the Christian message through the 7 Directives of Life, Family, Compassionate Evangelism, Stewardship, Justice, Education and Youth. The 2013 NHCLC Annual Board Convention featured a time of celebration and reflection and honored several of its board members for their work: Dr. Albert Reyes received the 2013 NHCLC Compassionate Evangelism Award, Pastor Magda Hermida received the 2013 NHCLC Life Award, Carlos Duran received the 2013 NHCLC Healthy Families Award, and Dr. Gus Reyes received the 2013 NHCLC Education Award. Dr. Alberto Delgado was honored with The Ricardo Tanon Award, Hispanic Pastor of The Year Award, at the closing ceremony Thursday night at Alpha and Omega Church where he is the Senior Pastor. The two-day convention included an Inspiring keynote speech by James Robison, President, Life Outreach International and Host of Life Today. Sergio De La Mora, Founder and President of Cornerstone Church, San Diego, Calif., Jr. Rodriguez, Mat Staver, Founder and President, Liberty Counsel, and Jeremiah Torres, Pastor of Pentecostal Christian Church, Hartford, Conn., also delivered moving speeches to the prominent NHCLC Board of Directors.

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