Latino Republicans Write Off Trump, Send Warning To Cruz
May 25, 2017
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May 25, 2017

Donald Trump swears “the Hispanics love me” and that he’ll win the presidency with their votes, but a group of conservative Hispanics say that’s not so, Politico reports. You take us for granted now, we will not recognize you then”, Discussing the aim of the news source conference on MSNBC’s “Live With José Díaz-Balart,”the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership Director Alfonso Aguilar stated, “We’re saying Donald Trump, we are done with you. You insult us now, we will be deaf to you then”, said Rosario Marin, who served as U.S. Treasurer under President George W. Bush”.

It was also attended by leaders from other grassroots groups, including the Latino Coalition, Hispanic Leadership Fund and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference – all key groups engaged in building support for Republicans among the Latino community.

“Foolishly, a few candidates think they don’t need the Hispanic vote in the primary, so they pander to the voters with extreme views instead of just showing us who they are”, Marín added. “Heed our warning, don’t expect us to come to your side during the general election…If you are not with us now, we will not be with you then. If you are not with us now, we will not be with you then'”. Organizers of the meeting told Fox News Latino the objective was to discuss concerns about the rhetoric a few candidates, particularly Trump, have used in this election cycle that they said was hostile and discriminatory against Latinos.
The coalition will hold its next meeting December. 14, on the eve of the final GOP debate of the year in Las Vegas, where they may call out other candidates for their positions on immigration. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 72 percent of Hispanics, with 6 in 10 having a very unfavorable opinion of him, the AP-GfK poll finds.

Nonetheless, Trump says Hispanics love him.

At the same time that Republican Latino leaders are pushing the party to pick a candidate they can support, liberal groups are using Wednesday’s debate to argue that Latinos should avoid the GOP altogether. “If you do, we’ll eventually single you out, as well”.

“Maybe a few candidates believe that we will forget, let me be crystal clear”. And if candidates haven’t stepped it up, they could be denounced. Eligible Hispanic voters raised by an estimate of 3 million and 3.5 million voters every presidential election, Politico noted.

Latino Victory Project a non-partisan organization that has increased voter outreach based off Trump’s remarks recently applauded the group for condemning Trump but said not so fast, there are more people in the field who are being offensive.

“We’re happy to see that a few Latino conservatives are finally doing the bare minimum and making it clear they won’t support Donald Trump for President”.

Trump’s provocative comments about the character of immigrants and his plans for mass deportation and construction of a wall all along the Mexican border stirred a backlash from Hispanic groups.

Denver college student Adrian Nava took part in a roundtable of progressive Latino activists Tuesday He’s struggling to pay tuition, and can’t ask his undocumented parents for help because all their money is going to immigration lawyers.

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