Latinos ‘Abandoning’ Democrats For Being ‘Anti-Christian’ And Other Reasons, Pastor Says


A faith leader believes that Latinos are veering away from voting Democratic in the November elections because of their “anti-Christian” rhetoric.

Latinos will continue to move away from the Democratic Elections during this coming November’s midterm elections because of its “anti-Christian” and “anti-religious liberty” beliefs. This is the prediction made by Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He also cited a few reasons as to why Latinos are continuing to have a fallout with the Democratic Party.

According to the Christian Post, Rev. Rodriguez said that Latino voters are now “abandoning the Democratic Party or leftist ideologies” and instead are turning to “their commitment to life” or their opposition to abortion. He added, “That commitment to life stems primarily out of our faith.”

Rev. Rodriguez came up with this observation after seeing “every single survey from The Wall Street Journal” and other news outlets and concluded that “Latinos are abandoning the Democratic Party in droves.”

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Pastor’s Views are Supported By Surveys

Rev. Rodriguez’s observations are not unfounded. In fact, a Wall Street Journal poll released in March found that Latinos were more likely to support the Republican congressional candidate versus the Democratic contender by up to nine points in the upcoming midterm elections. In a poll by Marist University alongside NPR and PBS NewsHour, researchers found that 52% of Latinos are supporting the Republican candidate for Congress in the upcoming midterm elections compared to 39% who would vote for the Democrat candidate.

Exit polling from CNN after the 2020 presidential elections showed that Latinos supported Democratic leader President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump, a Republican, by 33 points. Looking at these figures, Rev. Rodriguez pointed out a political shift. The pastor cited South Texas as a “screenshot” of the situation, saying that “the districts that used to be blue are now red.” These are the same districts he said have 87% to 90% Latino populations.

Pastor Denounces Today’s Democratic Party

Rev. Rodriguez argued that today’s Democratic Party is no longer the same as the ones led by former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or even Barack Obama. He lamented that today’s Democrats are “a new progressive, socialist, anti-right, anti-Christian” that have ignored individuals’ civil rights and “God-ordained rights.” Because Latinos are people of faith, he believes that they no longer support this Democratic rhetoric.

Rev. Rodriguez criticized the Biden administration’s “terrible” engagement with faith leaders, comparing it with how former President Obama interacted with them. The pastor said that President Obama, unlike President Biden, “invited people who disagreed with him” to “hear them out and wasn’t intimidated by different opinions.”

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is “very myopic” and has a singular “tunnel vision worldview” which disallows people to “sit at the table” if they are not in agreement with such principles. Rev. Rodriguez lamented how the Biden administration has “completely disavowed the Evangelical community” and failed to engage in a positive manner, resulting in more division.