Rev. Rodriguez, Influential Christians urge believers to Repent and Put God’s Kingdom Before Politics

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Other Christian Leaders Also Encouraging Believers to Seek God First

Other Christian leaders across the country have voiced their concerns over the violence and chaos that consumed the Capitol, as well as the broader problem of idolizing America’s political leaders. Some of President Trump’s top faith advisers are all sharing a similar message in the aftermath of last week’s violence on Capitol Hill: Put your faith in God’s kingdom, not politics.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, a Trump faith adviser and the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told congregants in Sacramento, California on Sunday that repentance is the way to heal our nation.

“We must all repent, even the church needs to repent. The American nation will be healed when the American church repents,” he said.

“We must repent for making the person who occupies the White House more important than the one who occupies our hearts. We must repent for permitting the donkey and the elephant to divide what the Lamb died for on the cross,” Rodriguez added. “We must repent for voting for individuals whose policies run counter to the word of God and the spirit of the living God.”

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