Christian Leaders Call for an end to racist rhetoric in immigration debate, may 4 service to rally faith community
June 3, 2017
Hispanic Speakers Bureau Inaugurated
June 3, 2017

Breaking News from the Hispanic Church

September, 2005 – Leadership makes the difference between effectual communities and dysfunctional families. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Institute is a Nation wide certifying Leadership Program that will identify, equip, and certify Tier 1 Hispanic Christian Leadership. “Our objective is to build and network the Civic, Business, and Spiritual Leaders of America’s largest Cities”. We desire to produce individuals with the intellectual wherewithal, spiritual fortitude, and business acumen to lead the major institutions of our cities. From school boards, to city councils, from Mayors to state and Federal legislators, from School Principals to CEO’s, we will prepare the Tier 1 Leaders of America.

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