New Force for Broad Immigration Reform: Conservative Evangelicals
June 2, 2017
The Answer to America’s Immigration Dilemma: A Just Integration Strategy
June 2, 2017

Kansas City, MO-TheCall to Conscience recently partnered with The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) to help mobilize Hispanic Christians around the issue of abortion.   The new effort, led by Lou Engle, founder of TheCall to Conscience, will work with the NHCLC’s more than 25,000 churches to educate Hispanic Americans on traditional moral issues.  Each church will provide the resources and training for at least two adoptions in the next year, saving more than 50,000 infants.   “We will protect countless lives, ignite the youth of America in a righteousness and justice movement and mobilize the Hispanic Community in prayer and fasting in an unprecedented manner,” said NHCLC President Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.   “TheCall to Conscience has always been committed to advancing efforts that will affirm life,” said Mr. Engle.  “That is why we are thrilled to be partnering with the largest Hispanic Christian organization to help provide the tools and information that promote adoption as an alternative to the destruction of abortion.”   “Hispanics will play a critical role in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond, and an overwhelming majority of them are pro-family and pro-life.  We want to harness their energy in order to ensure that the life issue remains at the forefront.”   “Planned Parenthood has grown itself into abooming business that targets poor and minority Americans, especially Hispanics.  Planned Parenthood’s massive abortion facility on Gulf Freeway in Houston is truly unprecedented and will lead to countless innocent deaths and make late-term abortions more convenient and accessible.”   TheCall to Conscience, founded by leading pro-life, pro-family voice Lou Engle, is an organization created to educate and inform Americans – especially young adults – about pressing social issues and advocate for policies that are consistent with the Bible and core Christian principles.

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