NHCLC celebrates Conference in Nations largest Hispanic Church
June 3, 2017
Evangelicals go for the green
June 3, 2017

Breaking News from the Hispanic Church

March 9, 2005 – Orlando, Florida — Rev. Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals addressed the Board of Directors of America’s Leading Hispanic Christian Organization, The NHCLC. In his address, Pastor Haggard, who also pastors “New Life” in Colorado Springs, Colorado, spoke of the need for the nations fastest growing church, the Hispanic Church, to join with the Anglo church in Building the Kingdom of God and preserving the Judeo Christian Values within our American Experience. Chairman Felix Posos joined President Samuel Rodriguez Jr. Dr. Gilbert Velez, Policy Director of The NHCLC and Dr. Sergio Navarrette in welcoming the alliance. “America’s Premier Hispanic Evangelical Organization will henceforth join America’s Premier Anglo Evangelical Organization in empowering our constituents, enriching our nation and enhancing the American Dream. We will join our efforts to address the moral decadence of our times, stand with gatekeepers of Truth and Justice and Most of all, exhibit the Love and Grace of Christ to the suffering and afflicted throughout our nation. “, stated Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Jr. “Never has a Hispanic Organization been give the Grace And Favor we have received. Our responsibility is to lead with Humility but with ONE VOICE of Unity and Transformation. One voice that is Prophetic and Progressive”, stated Felix Posos, Chairman of The NHCLC. “Our time has come to join with our Anglo and Afro American Brothers and Sisters in Leading revival and renewal that will affect our communiites, cities, homes and above all, our children. For their sake, we must not fail”, stated a Board member. The NHCLC will join the NAE in a joint Press Conference in early Summer. “This Historic event is unprecedented in the annals of the Latino Church”, stated Rev. Posos.

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