Immigration and the Changing Contours of Religious Pluralism in the United States
June 3, 2017
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Joins TD Jakes, Benny Hinn & others in discussing issues of Church including the Latino Church in America
June 3, 2017

Breaking News from the Hispanic Church

February, 2006 – The Hispanic Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform calls upon President George W. Bush and Members of the Senate to enact legislation that will address all facets and dimensions of the immigration issue. Our concerns stems from the immigration legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives and the subsequent proposals currently in the Senate. As Hispanic Evangelical leaders we are concerned with the security of our nation and the simultaneous well being of our immigrant families of which the majority is of Latin American descent. We support immigration reform based on our Judeo/Christian value system that empowered this nation of immigrants to thrive while preserving standards of compassion and humane treatment to all who seek a better life The Hispanic Evangelical church consists of approximately 20 million Hispanics in America. We wholeheartedly understand the legal, moral and political juxtaposition surrounding this issue. However, we believe that we can protect our borders, implement current immigration laws and present a viable solution to the undocumented immigrants currently in our nation within the framework of Biblical mandates and our Judeo/Christian Value System. The Hispanic Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform encourages the enactment of a comprehensive immigration legislation which will include the following:

  1. Border enforcement and protection initiatives that include the application and enhancement of technological, military and law enforcement capabilities that will protect our borders while enabling and facilitating the implementation of our nations immigration policy.
  2. Temporary designation for immigrant workers and their families who upon satisfaction of criteria and due process, begin the path towards permanent residency and citizenship
  3. Overhaul of immigration quotas and current tenants in the family reunification process with the purpose of drastically reducing the waiting times for separated families while increasing the number of visas granted to individuals that will contribute intellectual, spiritual and economic capital to the American Experience.
  4. A viable guest worker program that will strengthen the economic vitality of both employer and employee.
  5. The creation of safeguards against any policy that creates precocious transitions in status thus jeopardizing the stability and well being of immigrant families.

Let us work together to protect our borders, enforce the law, secure all families, and preserve the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hispanic Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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