Most Americans favor guest-worker program: poll
June 3, 2017
Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Ted Kennedy. Sen. Ken Salazar Join Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Other Prominent Leaders
June 3, 2017

The National PBS Network via its Religion and Ethics Newsweekly covered and taped for television the September 24th, National Immigration Day Prayer Rally in Laredo, Texas. Dr. Gilbert Velez and the Hispanic Mega Church ICM hosted the National rally. Guest speakers included the most prominent Christian spokespersons on the issue of Immigration such as Dr. Juan Hernandez, Former Cabinet Member of the Vicente Fox Administration, Dr. Albert Reyes, President of the Baptist University of the Americas and NHCLC National Board Member, Rev. Mark Gonzalez, Confia Field Director and NHCLC Policy Liaison, Dr. Gilbert Velez, Vice President of Pubic Policy and NHCLC President Rev. Samuel Rodriguez. In addition, Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Mayor Raul Salinas participated. Click here to watch the video: The Program aired nationally the weekend of October 6th.

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