NHCLC’s Joppa Health share ministry reaches milestone, Distributes $100k toward Member medical expenses


In February 2021, the NHCLC’s Joppa Health Share ministry, which began in 2020 in the midst of
a global pandemic, reported having distributed $100,000 toward members’ medical expenses.
Joppa Health Share is a non-profit healthcare sharing ministry that believes that healthcare in
God’s image is open to everyone, easy to enroll in, and free from worry. Joppa guides the faith
community to share what they have to bless those in need, and members give and receive
financial support for medical needs.
Hispanic churches have long assisted church members in paying for medical emergencies and
expenses. Over the past year, the NHCLC has taken efforts to widen that support network and
lead a national effort within the Hispanic faith community to share medical expenses and offer
quality and affordable preventative and urgent care.
Pastors and church leaders interested in learning more about Joppa Health Share and how it
may bless their church and congregants can visit https://www.joppahealth.org or call 866-251-