No descarta la Conferencia Nacional de Líderes Hispanos Cristianos, Capítulo de Puerto Rico, acción legal contra el Municipio de San Juan por permitir exposiciones deshonestas en lugares públicos
May 29, 2017
Why Religion Matters: The Longing Within
May 29, 2017

No discards the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference , Chapter of Puerto Rico , legal action against the Municipality of San Juan for allowing indecent exposure in public places

For Immediate Release Contact: Amos Díaz Rodríguez Cel (787) 318-4522

San Juan, Puerto Rico – you imagine , touring Old San Juan , with his granddaughter 10 years and his daughter and on reaching the Totem Ballajá suddenly promoting encounters a group of people, completely naked a ‘ play ” . This was the experience of Dr. Raúl García Zambrana , Rheumatologist Ponce , who still does not come out of shock and outrage at the lack of consideration of this group of people , who without caring families and children present, were challenged to draw attention and create an uncomfortable and unprecedented scene. In cases like these , where municipal authorities took the long view to whom is a citizen supposed to like this , go to express his irritation , annoyance and frustration ? What is the office of the Central Government or Municipal permits granted without considering the content of the promotion to appear before an audience only gets to San Juan to share with your family and spending some entertainment ? Outrage Exhibitions Dishonest NCHCL Puerto Rico Who is responsible for notifying visitors of San Juan , which is a display of a ” play” not suitable for children and parents must take action ? This is not about religious fanatics who are outraged by an event of modern and contemporary art , but people who are concerned that the art is used as an excuse to promote indecent exposure in public places and create controversy to promote their agendas personal . For that reason, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference , Puerto chapter Rico does not rule out legal action against the Municipality of San Juan for allowing exhibitions dishonest in public places. In addition , calls to all civic organizations and  private to speak out on the matter and ask the local governments and plants, to respect for the Puerto Rican families in public places and establish a  code order to ensure the welfare of all citizens, and especially to defend the right to dignity of children. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference , is an agency of U.S. origin and who recently established a chapter in Puerto Rico , presided by Rev. Fr . William Hernandez Ortiz , serving and representing the Hispanic community through 40,118 churches and 16 million members. This association consists of 7 Directives that promote : Life , Family, Great Commission , Stewardship, Justice, Education and Youth.

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