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May 1, 2018
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May 1, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. – People will line the streets Saturday in downtown Orlando for the Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival.

But, there’s still work to be done to help hurricane victims.

Orlando Bishop Angel Marcial led an effort with churches across the country to donate 250 generators along with food and water to the island following Hurricane Maria.

Parade organizers honored him with an award for his work.

“It was tough. It hit my heart,” he said, communicating through a translator. “There are hundreds of people who have been helping me to do this work.”

Marcial is the president of Orlando’s chapter of the National Hispanic Christian leadership conference.

With the help of the group and his church, his focus is helping families on the island rebuild.

“Now, we are bringing groups so they can help with construction,” he said.

Marcial is also working with families who are starting a new life from scratch in Central Florida.

“We can’t disconnect from what’s happening in Puerto Rico to with what we’re doing with people here,” he said.

The bishop has been helping families in Kissimmee with college or technical school, healthcare and jobs.

He plans to be in Puerto Rico next Thursday for the National Day of Prayer.

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