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May 28, 2017
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May 28, 2017

Plurality Nation: The Possibility of No Racial or Ethnic Majority

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The U.S. Census Bureau is projecting a very diverse population in the years ahead. In its latest analysis, it forecasts that by 2044 the U.S. will become a plurality nation.

The bureau explains “while the non-Hispanic White alone population will still be the largest, no race or ethnic group is projected to have greater than a 50 percent share of the nation’s total.”

The changes are coming even sooner for children. The bureau says that by 2020, more than half (50.2 percent) of those under 18 will be nonwhite.

Newsroom Talk spoke with Dr. Carlos Campo, who is the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference’s Chair of the Alliance for Hispanic Education, about the projected changes and how they could impact the church, education, and politics.

Here are some of our thoughts on this shift in the cultural fabric of our nation:

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