Politicians Court NHCLC Leaders on Immigration Reform, Politicians later fail to act on promises


Kim and Brown write, “Nearly all House Republican leaders blocked off time to meet with about 30 members of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference in Cantor’s conference room in the Capitol. Starting with Boehner, each lawmaker went around the table to stress the need to pass immigration reform. 

“According to two attendees, Boehner told the assembled advocates to go out and win August. 

“’He promised us in that meeting that if we can just make the August recess of 2013 go smoothly and not be a riot around the country, that we would be able to get back after the August recess,’ recalled Robert Gittelson, vice president of governmental affairs for the NHCLC. 

“At one point, the Rev. Daniel de Leon, a California pastor, asked House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte about family reunification — a critical issue for religious communities. The normally reserved Virginia Republican — whom some advocates viewed as an obstacle to reform and who oversees immigration legislation in his committee — began to cry and choked up completely, two people inside the room recalled.”Click here to read the full article:https://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/how-immigration-reform-died-108374

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