Trump Meets with Mexican President, Says They ‘Didn’t Discuss’ Paying for His Wall
May 24, 2017
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Expresses Disappointment Following Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech in Arizona
May 24, 2017
According to a new poll conducted by the National Institute for Latino Policy, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference was among the groups most frequently mentioned as being “credible” in the eyes of American Latinos.

But the poll also found that most conservative Latinos—in fact, more than three in four—could even name a Latino advocacy group that aligned with their ideals. In addition to the NHCLC, the other conservative groups mentioned were:

  • The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute
  • The Republican National Hispanic Assembly
  • The LIBRE Initiative

The poll made no effort to explore the impact that Spanish-language media have had on the formation of Latino opinions regarding the 2016 presidential election. They have been overwhelmingly hostile to the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump—in many cases, far more hostile than even the English-speaking mainstream media.

The poll’s narrative, in fact, belies a hostile bias toward the GOP presidential candidate. So, in that context, it wasn’t surprising that an overwhelming majority of Latinos polled by the NiLP were also hostile to Trump in general.

The poll also didn’t ask how the respondents themselves would vote, but rather how they anticipate a majority of fellow Latinos will vote in November. More than 90 percent said they believed a majority would vote for Hillary Clinton.

Still, few believe a Clinton presidency would actually advance their agenda. Likewise, nearly half of respondents said they believed the former secretary of state was the “lesser of two evils” for Latino voters.

Nearly two thirds of Latinos polled said they believe Clinton and the Democratic Party are taking their vote for granted.

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