Faith Leaders Ask Brewer to Retract Executive Order
June 1, 2017
Nearly 7000 Christians Demand Gov. Brewer Retract Executive Order
June 1, 2017


Jerry Burch – DEMOTIX

Conservative faith based leaders delivered a petition containing 7,000 names to Arizona Governor Brewer, who previously issued an executive order reaffirming an Arizona law prohibiting services to those under President Obama’s work permit program. The President’s executive order has been called “Dream Act light”. It allows children who were brought into the United States by their undocumented parents the ability to get a two year work permit. However, Arizona law doesn’t allow benefits to those in the country illegally. That would include a driver’s license. Rev. Eve Nunez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference said that a drivers license should be issued. A press release from the Sojourners organization stated, “These young people, who came to this country by no fault of their own, have been marginalized, pushed aside, and actively punished by Gov. Brewer’s executive order.” Nunez said she was a conservative Republican who had voted for Gov. Brewer in the last election. The Governor did not meet with the group but sent a spokesperson instead. The Governor has repeatedly reaffirm her believe that her executive order accurately reflects Arizona law. READ MORE:…

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