Rev. Rodriguez: Pentecost people know how to wait – and worship


A couple of weeks ago, my wife, Eva, and I thought our house was going to burn down.
I had just returned from a trip, and Eva was cooking something delicious in the oven. She walked out of the kitchen and when she came back, flames were shooting out of the oven — and they were spreading. Frantic, I looked under the sink for our fire extinguisher which, to our great dismay, was empty. Forgetting all of my knowledge of how to safely extinguish a kitchen fire, I did the worst thing possible: I threw a pan of water on the flames. 
The fire was growing. My next thoughts were of getting Eva out of the house and whether or not we had time to grab important items or papers. I dialed 911 as the smoke alarm beeped overhead.
And then, suddenly, the fire completely extinguished itself, leaving no damage, like it was never there. 
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