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May 28, 2017
Bishop T.D. Jakes: We Cannot Continue as if We Live in a Post-Racial Society
May 28, 2017

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, has graciously shared with us his message to those who gathered at The Reconciled Church Conference hosted by The Potter’s House and broadcasted by Daystar. Rev. Rodriguez is our own Kingdom Culture columnist, defender of The Lamb’s Agenda, and President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) 

The roster for The Reconciled Church Conference included Bishop T.D. Jakes, our own Pastor Chris Hill and Bishop Harry Jackson, James Robinson, Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. R.A. Vernon, and Dr. Jim Garlow. This was a local effort with a national impact. Be encouraged as you read Rev. Rodriguez’s speech!

And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. (Revelation 5:9)

And They Sang a New Song!

In order to sing the new, we must recognize the old song already stands played out.

For we have all heard the old song; the song of hatred, sin, racism, intolerance, fear, division, strife and brokenness.
We have all heard the old song; the song of moral relativism, cultural decadence, spiritual apathy and ecclesiastical lukewarmness.
Even through the amplified surround sound of culture, media, and politics, our world stands inundated with the ear-shattering noise of an antiquated song called fear and a mind-numbing melody titled hopelessness.
We have all heard the old song.
But praise God, we are not people of the old song, we are the voices of the new song.
For we understand that today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity.
For we understand that Christianity is less about promoting the perfect and more about blessing the broken.
For we understand that there is no such thing as comfortable Christianity.
That is why we have gathered today; to declare prophetically, not of out the womb of emotional exuberance, but by the impetus of God’s Spirit that this generation carries an anointing to do what? To sing a new song!
We are here to declare the following; there is a new song arising!
And this new song will not be sung exclusively  by a black chorus, a white ensemble, a Latino band or an Asian soloist. This new song will be sung by a multi-ethnic kingdom culture choir washed by the blood of the Lamb.
Therefore, to the proponents of the old song, to those that raise the volume of hatred and discord, to the spirits of captivity, violence, bigotry, inequality and injustice we raise our voices and in perfect harmony sing the following:
For every Pharaoh there will be a Moses,
For every Goliath there will be a David,
For every Nebuchadnezzar there will be a Daniel,
For every Jezebel there will be an Elijah,
For every Herod there will be a Jesus And for every
And for every devil that rises up against us there is a mightier God that rises up for us!

And They SANG a NEW SONG!!!

In that day, everyone in Judah will sing this song; Our city is strong! We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation! (Isaiah 26:1)

America, when we sing this new song, our nation will be strong! !
What is the new song? The new song elevates the lyric of IMAGO DEI.
I recognize that every human being, in and out of the womb, carries the image of God; without exception. Therefore, I will treat everyone with love and respect.
See Related: Imago Dei
What is the new song? The new song engages the rhythmic truth that the only agenda that can heal and reconcile America is not the agenda of the donkey or the elephant.
The only agenda that can reconcile this nation is the agenda of the lamb!
What is the new song? The new song is a prophetic prescription to end multi-generational  poverty in the inner cities of America via a compassionate church.
Always remembering that Uncle Sam may be our uncle but he will not never be our Heavenly Father.
What is the new song? Prison reform that is truly color blind where restorative justice enables us to bring good news to those imprisoned.
What is the new song? An educational system that equips our children to thrive in the promise land instead of making bricks without straw in Egypt.
After all what did they do? They sang. They sang. They sang for Silence is not an option.
Silence is not option when men abandon their roles as fathers, our children are slaughtered in and out of the womb, pornography marries technology, God is mocked, pushers are more admired than preachers, school grounds look like battlegrounds and our neighbors sit paralyzed by the gate called beautiful begging for change.
Silence is not an option when institutionalized vestiges of inequality reemerge resulting in the unfortunate appearance of fear and mistrust.
So America, It’s  time for the new song! It’s time to reconcile Billy Graham’s message of salvation in Christ with Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. March for justice.
This generation will sing the new song. We will reconcile righteousness with justice, sanctification with service, holiness and humility and truth with love.
We will sing “There is Room At The Cross” and “We Shall Overcome.”
Sing America Sing!
Sing and Walk like Enoch
Sing and Believe like Abraham
Sing and Dress like Joseph
Sing and Stretch like Moses
Sing and Shout like Joshua
Sing and Dance like David
Sing and Fight like Gideon
Sing and Pray like Daniel
Sing and Build like Nehemiah
Sing and And live like Jesus!
Sing You are worthy and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation!
Sing a new song, black, white, yellow and brown.
Sing and change America!
Sing and Change the World!

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