Diverse Faith Leaders Join Forces for National Religious Freedom Conference
May 30, 2017
Indiana Wesleyan University Announced as the Senior Sponsor of the NHCLC Education Directive
May 30, 2017

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: A. Larry Ross Communications Kristin Cole                   972.267.1111 Kristin@alarryross.com   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Statement by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), Led by President Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee’s May 21 Vote  in Favor of an Overhaul on U.S. Immigration Laws May 22, 2013 “The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) commends the Senate Judiciary Committee for successfully advancing the cause of immigration reform via its bi-partisan vote in favor of legislation that will resolve America’s immigration crisis. “As the full Senate considers this historical bill, we pray that political courage will trump political expediency, enabling both Republican and Democratic Senators to coalesce around this legislative solution that, when fully enacted, will protect our values, borders and families. “Our nation stands on the brink of immigration reform, which will bring integration, secured borders and healthy communities. For this cause, we hereby encourage every individual – especially Bible-believing Christ followers – to support reform, pray for this bill to pass and demonstrate prophetic courage by conveying to Congress that ‘now is the time!'”

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