Statements: NHCLC and Faith Leaders Visit Border Facility at McAllen, TX


Statement from Samuel Rodriguez:“The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference has facilitated three border visits in the last four weeks, and we will continue to do so. We thank the Department of Homeland Security , and our dedicated border agents, for continuing to make it possible for us to observe with our own eyes the scale of this humanitarian crisis, the actual facts surrounding the crisis, and the overall conditions of our overcrowded facilities. While it is true that every Presidential administration — this one or the previous one, not withstanding — can (and must) do more, it is ultimately only members of Congress who can fix the broken system they created. Republican and Democratic members of Congress must stop deflecting their responsibility to the White House, and they need to do something, yesterday. This, by the way, includes members of Congress who are neglecting their legislative responsibilities in order to run for president. Congress has created an immoral, dysfunctional system that incentivizes human trafficking and denies dignity to those who deserve it the most. It is an outrage.”
Statement from Tony Suarez:“I’m back at the border, and — you know what? — the humanitarian disaster is still here. What’s different? Congress is on their August recess while it’s happening. They are on vacation while border agents struggle to manage the scale of this crisis and while immigrant children and mothers weep. Apparently, the crisis is significant enough to be the daily obsession of every partisan pundit in America but not significant enough for Congress to do what needs to be done to solve the problem. Am I surprised? No. And why? Because when it relates to immigration in this country, Congress has been on recess for 30 years, and this is the primary problem. I’m grateful the White House continues to allow us to visit these facilities so that we can tell the truth to Americans, and the truth is a tragedy — a tragedy created and sustained by Congress.”
Statement from Rod Parsley:“Let me be clear, I did not visit McAllen, Texas for political reasons. I came to pray and to provide pastoral care. I’m here because Jesus calls us to love and serve our neighbor — all our neighbors, wherever they are from. That’s why whenever our Bridge of Hope ministry arrives at a place in need, the first question we ask is not ‘Who is right?” or ‘Who is wrong?’ It is — ‘Who needs our help?’ Today, in McAllen, the clear answer to that question is the men, women and children who have come to our nation’s border and who are in desperate need of care in facilities that are obviously, sincerely struggling to cope with the scale of this humanitarian crisis. Each of these dear people, regardless of where they are from or how they ended up where they are today, is made in the image of God, and we recognize their inherent dignity and value. They need our help. They need more help.  “I would also like to thank the border agents who accommodated our request to visit today, many of whom have given their entire lives not only to keeping our nation secure but also to caring for those in need. I was touched by meeting many of them today as I was heartbroken to see so many immigrants caught between their personal dreams and our rule of law. I do pray that members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, alike, can finally do what needs to be done to resolve this humanitarian crisis. In the meantime, the church of Jesus stands ready and willing to help fill the gap for those in need.”

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