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How has God changed your life? Has NHCLC and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez impacted your life and led you in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ?

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Samuel Rodriguez: Politically Correct Prayer (James Robison / LIFE Today)

Bishop Duran

Rev. Tony Suarez

Bishop Duran

Prayed In The Name of Jesus

There are a few moments in life that define you as a person and mark your purpose in life. That day in Washington D.C. a few years ago was one of those days for me. That day was to advocate for people that were going through the process of finding a legal status in this country. Over two hundred…

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I would like to give Glory to God for the following testimony. This past “Faith For The Supernatural Conference” hosted by Bill Winston Ministries in Chicago, our family received a major miracle of deliverance & healing when Rev. Sam Rodriguez ministered one night…

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