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Prayed In The Name of Jesus

There are a few moments in life that define you as a person and mark your purpose in life. That day in Washington D.C. a few years ago was one of those days for me. That day was to advocate for people that were going through the process of finding a legal status in this country. Over two hundred thousand people were at the Washington Mall. I was with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez as he was getting ready to pray to represent the Hispanic Evangelical Church. Other leaders from other religions prayed and the crowd remained silent and respectful, but when Rev. Rodriguez got on the podium and prayed in the name of Jesus, the name above all other names, the crowd exploded; that day I realized that the Hispanic community is here with one calling: to seek the face of God, and to bring a refreshing renewal of the presence of God to the United States. That is the calling I felt on my life since I met Christ 27 years ago, and that is the reason why I got involved not only in immigration, but in my church and in my community, because I know that the calling of the Hispanic community is to impact the spiritual future of our nation. As a first generation immigrant, I have experienced all the stages, challenges, pains and successes that this country offers for a generation of men that came undocumented, but God uses that process of walking through the valley of challenges to shape my character, establish my steps and give me a purpose. Now I do not see myself and other immigrants as a problem but as part of God’s answer. – Rev. Carlos Duran – “Hombres de Valor” Ministries