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Shook It Off

I would like to give Glory to God for the following testimony. This past “Faith For The Supernatural Conference” hosted by Bill Winston Ministries in Chicago, our family received a major miracle of deliverance & healing when Rev. Sam Rodriguez ministered one night… My sister, Sharilyn Keeler, had been in and out of mental hospitals for many years suffering from schitzophrenia and bi-polar disorder. She was on many medications which she could not tolerate. I brought her to the meeting. When Rev. Rodriguez ministered to the thousands of people in attendance to SHAKE IT OFF !! a wave of Supernatural Holy Ghost mass deliverance hit the sanctuary. Sharilyn SHOOK IT OFF and “years” of mental illness came out of her. She was gloriously delivered and healed and has not been the same since that night !! She is off all medication and I literally have a totally NEW sister !! She is filled with God’s peace and joy and her mind has become extremely clear. Thank you Jesus and thank you Rev. Rodriguez for your amazing anointing that He has given you… We would love to share her awesome deliverance from mental illness!