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June 1, 2017
Dr. M. Daniel Carroll Rodas Appointed As Immigration Spokesperson For The NHCLC
June 1, 2017

HEART-WARMIMG FAMILY DRAMA RELEASES MAY 11, 2012   SACRAMENTO, Calif.PANTELION FILMS presents the heart-warming, coming of age family drama Girl in Progress, starring Eva Mendes (The Other Guys, Hitch, Training Day), Cierra Ramirez, Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises), Patricia Arquette (A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III; Medium) and Eugenio Derbez (Under the Same MoonRob!). This inspiring film releases in theaters on May 11, 2012 and reminds us to enjoy life in the moment, cherish our families, love our neighbors, respect ourselves and not take for granted what is right in front of us. “The message of this film is bound to impact thousands of lives and bring a life altering revelation, which will transform the homes of Hispanic families across the nation,” said, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the NHCLC (, also known as the Hispanic Evangelical Association, the nation’s largest Christian Hispanic organization. “The NHCLC is proud to lend its support and endorsement without reservation.”   Girl In Progress captures real life situations and struggles of second generation Hispanics in America. Young single mothers attempt to raise their children with an affinity for school and climbing the social-economic ladder when they lack discipline in their own lives. Work consumes part, if not the majority of their day, followed by weekend nights of partying. This narrative captures the torn soul of a young single mother (Grace) who wants the best for her child but still tries to live their own life. The story embodies the archetypal life of a child subjected to trials and tribulations inherited from single parenting. The end of the movie brings the life situations into balance; addressing topics of purity, forgiveness and repentance. Girl in Progress expresses the error of Hispanic single mothers and daughters (children) and concludes with the solution-a must see film, endorsed by the NHCLC.   Girl In Progress will be presented for special preview to NHCLC churches and members during the week of April 10th in the following select cities: Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, San Diego and Phoenix.   Please RSVP now to reserve your seat(s) for the Advance Leader Screening in your area by going   About Pantelion Films Pantelion Films is the first major Latino Hollywood studio and the new face of Hispanic entertainment.   It is a synergistic partnership between Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa. Pantelion provides Hispanic moviegoers with a steady source of exciting and original films, which include top-rated Latino actors, directors and writers. From broad comedies and dramas, to family movies and romantic comedies, Pantelion produces and acquires movies that speak directly to acculturated and Spanish-dominant Hispanics alike. Additionally, the company’s partnership with the largest cinema chains in America ensures that each film is accessible across the country to enjoy.   Lionsgate is the leading independent film and television studio responsible for such box office hits as the Tyler Perry Franchise, Crash, Precious and Monster’s Ball. Televisa is the largest and most powerful Spanish language media company in existence, and has established itself as a leader in serving the entertainment needs of Hispanic audiences around the world.

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