TIME Magazine Cover Story Features Rev. Samuel Rodriguez’s Description of “The Latino Reformation”
May 30, 2017
Why Latino Enrollments Are on the Rise
May 30, 2017

THE LATINO REFORMATION This week, TIME reports on the surprising rise in evangelical Latinos in the United States and the implications it could have for both American religious practices and electoral politics. While more than two-thirds of the 52 million-plus Latinos in the U.S. are Catholic, that number could be cut in half by 2030. Over 35% of Hispanics in America now call themselves born-again, and the Southern Baptist Church – the largest evangelical denomination in the country – says they hope to more than double the number of Baptist Hispanic churches by 2020. TIME’s Elizabeth Dias: “The evangélico boom is inextricably linked to the immigrant experience. Evangélicos are socially more conservative than Hispanics generally, but they are quicker to fight for social justice than their white brethren are. They are eager to believe in the miraculous but also much more willing to bend ecclesiastical rules to include women in church duties and invite other ethnic groups into their pews. The new churches are in many cases a deliberate departure from the countries and the faith their members left behind—but they don’t look or sound anything like the megachurches of the U.S.” Richard Land, a former leader at the Southern Baptist Convention, tells TIME: “If you left [Washington, D.C.] and drove all the way to L.A., there wouldn’t be one town you’d pass that doesn’t have a Baptist church with an iglesia bautista attached to it. They came here to work, we’re evangelistic, we shared the Gospel with them, they became Baptist.” http://ti.me/17eCX8g See the cover: http://ti.me/HKI7   More News Coverage: PR Newswire: TIME Magazine Cover Story Features Rev. Samuel Rodriguez’s Description of “The Latino Reformation” Huffington Post: Rise Of Hispanic Evangelical Church: Time Magazine Discusses Influence Of Latinos In America’s Religion Reuters: TIME Magazine Cover Story Features Rev. Sameuel Rodriguez and Profiles NHCLC VICE PRESIDENT Wilfredo DeJesus Huffington Post Live: The Evangélico Boom

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