Hispanic evangelical leader warns: No guarantee Donald Trump’s video message will air at his conference
May 25, 2017
Should Christians vote for Donald Trump?
May 25, 2017

An ongoing interactive “polling explorer” by Reuters news agency indicated that as of Friday, May 13, 25.9 percent of “born again Christians” will neither vote for Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, and will vote for a third candidate or abstain from voting instead.

With the “born-again Christian” filter applied for the May 13 Reuters polling, Trump was favoured by 43 percent of 422 respondents while Clinton registered 30.8 percent.

However, without any filter, the polling results showed Clinton getting the vote of 38.1 percent of the respondents while Trump had 34 percent. The “Other/wouldn’t vote/refused” sector registered 27.9 percent.

The Reuters online page shows the respondents’ choice for president, if the 2016 presidential election was between Trump and Clinton.

Viewing the results, users can filter responses by several different demographic factors, like race, age, socioeconomic status, etc.

Relevant Magazine isolated the results to include only those who identify as “born again Christians.” This resulted in the 25.9 percent figure mentioned earlier.

Moreover, that percentage appears to be climbing, according to the magazine.

“It’s starting to look like the angst among some Christian voters surrounding the 2016 election could end up being a major factor,” Relevant Magazine quipped.

Meanwhile, Todd Starnes, the host of “Fox News & Commentary,” noted that the Trump campaign is worried not just by the #NeverTrump crowd but also by the unknown number of evangelicals who may stay home on Election Day, Charisma News reports.

He also noted a trending quote made by renowned Pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon who said, “Of two evils choose none.”

“But is that really our best and only option—to throw in the towel? Do Christians get to claim the moral high ground by electing President Hillary Clinton?” Starnes asked.

Starnes collected the views of a number of renowned Christian leaders on the matter.

“It is silly to talk about not voting for either candidate. Every single Christian should vote,” according to Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

“You don’t just stay home and not vote—you vote for the candidates (who) best support biblical truth and biblical values,” said Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“But what if your candidate is not exactly an altar boy in good standing?” Starnes asked.

“In some races, it may not always be clear,” Graham replied. “You may have to hold your nose and choose of the two.”

“Is it OK for Christians to vote for Donald Trump? That’s a decision for each individual Christian to make for himself or herself,” said Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Land said he plans to “vote against Hillary Clinton, and I don’t believe in third-party candidates.”

He added that he’s “deeply perturbed that I’m presented with such a lousy choice, but that’s who the American people have selected.”

Original article can be read here: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/u.s.elections.2016.if.it.ends.up.trump.vs.clinton.over.25.of.born.again.christians.are.ready.to.skip.voting/86112.htm

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