A.D. The Bible Continues – Sam Rodriguez: Faith Leader Commentary
May 28, 2017
Hispanic Leadership Conf. 2015
May 28, 2017


Youth in at-risk communities are suffering. The lack of positive parental role models and the effects of economic, educational and spiritual poverty have taken their toll on our young and urban generation. Something needs to change. The Gospel can change things, in fact, THE GOSPEL CHANGES EVERYTHING. But change must be introduced. We believe YOU can be that CONDUIT for change. So plug into the only energy source that gets you. UYWI Powers the Urban Youth Worker.

At UYWI’s National Conference you will find that our unique brand of PRACTICAL and INNOVATIVE training will energize you like none other. Our lineup of speakers, trainers and artists understand the urban context, most have lived it. At our conference you will be CONNECTED with an army of urban youth workers from similar backgrounds, experiences and challenges. We know you will leave CHARGED UP and ready to go back to your communities better prepared to reach and disciple this fatherless generation.

Join us and let’s get started on POWERING THE CHANGE!

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