Voting your faith

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The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is the senior pastor of New Seasons Christian Worship Center, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and is one of President Trump’s evangelical advisers. He also prayed at Trump’s inauguration.

He believes that though issues like religious liberty and biblical justice should be important to Christian voters, the starting point should be the sanctity of life.

“It truly does begin with life,” he says. “Every skewed, deviated, egregious public policy or political ideology begins with negating that every life is sacred in and out of the womb.”

However, he is clear that this doesn’t mean that Christians should have a single political allegiance.

“[We must] not marry politics or one political party,” he says. “We must engage but not marry. We must engage with the understanding that Uncle Sam may be your uncle but he will never be your heavenly Father.”

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